Fun and Affordable Date Night Ideas

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Whether you just started dating your partner or you’ve been married for 30 years, its recommended to maintain regular date nights. Dates allow you to focus on each other, reconnect, and even discuss deeper topics that you might usually gloss over.

However, dates have a reputation for being expensive. While you certainly can go to a fancy restaurant to connect over lobster and wine, there are other fun date nights that are much more affordable.

Let’s take a look at some fun date nights that won’t break the bank!

Get Active!

Physically active date nights (or days!) can help you get your heart pumping in more ways than one. You’ll enjoy time connecting with your partner, and you’ll also be working on your fitness and health.

Consider ideas like going swimming together, trying a rock-climbing wall, or going on a long hike. If you live near a beach, walk along the beach or catch a sunset over the ocean.

If you enjoy boating, think about getting kayaks out on a lake for the afternoon. Try to find a place you can rent a pedal-powered boat or go fishing.

Cold outside? That doesn’t mean you’re stuck indoors. Maybe you’d enjoy building a snowman, sledding, or having a snowball fight. If you have skis or snowshoes, you could engage in those activities, too.

Go For a Romantic Drive

We often think of driving as a hassle or a necessity for work. However, it can be very romantic to simply drive with your partner with no particular destination in mind. You can even share your favorite songs with each other as you go, or talk about things with privacy that you might not normally have.

A romantic drive can be as long or short as you like. However, our friends at Freeway Insurance want to remind you to avoid anything that distracts you from paying attention to the road. There’s nothing that kills the romance like putting yourself or others at risk of an accident!

Inexpensive Nights Out

A night out doesn’t have to mean you spend a ton of cash. There are lots of affordable ways to enjoy a date night together. For example, you could go to a high school or community theater play. Those cost far less than professional productions and are still a lot of fun.

You could also take advantage of bowling, especially if there are features like black-light nights. Putt-putt golf can be a lot of fun, as well, and is normally very inexpensive.

You can also find less spendy ways to eat out. Consider finding a place with a great happy hour deal and getting only appetizers for your meal. Or, you could make it informal and hit up a burger joint you both enjoy.

Finally, you might be able to go on an inexpensive tour in your community. Sometimes wineries or breweries have couples’ nights, or there might be a unique tour that allows you to learn about the history or entertainment background of your specific city or town. For example, Albuquerque, New Mexico has a Breaking Bad tour, Las Vegas has an Area 51 tour, and Portland offers an Underground Donut tour.

Connect Without Breaking the Bank

Going on dates is an important part of keeping the romance alive in your relationship. However, frequent dates don’t have to mean a dent in your wallet. With the ideas in this article, you’ll enjoy your relationship and your bank account will not suffer!

Pick an idea and have fun with your partner in an affordable way this week.

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