Fun Exercises for You and the Little Ones

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Finding time to exercise in the hectic world of today is hard enough; allocating a time frame to exercise together with your kids borders the impossible. However, there are numerous benefits for both children in adults s you should do your best to exercise with the little ones once in a while. Not only will the whole family be healthier but you will have hours of fun with your children.

Doing yoga

Yoga is all about achieving inner peace, as group yoga classes teach us, yoga doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Quite the opposite, doing yoga with your partner is hot nowadays so there is really no reason not to engage in this relaxing activity with your kids as well. There are countless yoga poses for beginners the little ones will master in no time. Not only will you spend quality time with your kids but hopefully, they’ll be quiet for a full hour.

Teaching and learning new backyard games

Ask any schoolteacher and they will tell you that the learning process goes both ways. Namely, while having fun with your children, you can actually learn something from them. Teach them backyard games you used to play as a kid, like Twister, treasure hunt, and marbles. As a counter favor, ask them to teach you a game they like and you’ll be surprised what they have learned from their friends. The times are changing but children are still innovative when it comes to making up new outdoor games.

Building a home gym

If you are passionate about weightlifting, there is something better than taking your kid to the gym or teaching them to lift dumbbells. If you had plans to build a home gym, about which you can find out more if you visit the website, now is the ideal time to set about this project. Include your child in setting up the gym, both in terms of the design and which machine goes where, as well as practical help. Although children cannot lift heavy loads, they can still bring you a water bottle.

Running short distances

Do you like to jog in the park once a week? If the answer is yes, then be sure to include your son or daughter in this activity. Needless to say, they cannot keep up with your pace but they can run a certain distance. Run in a large circle and have the kid run a leg of the path, then set them down to wave a finish flag as you approach a full circle. After a while, you will notice how they are able to cover longer and longer distances. 

Freestyle dancing

Most people shy away from dancing because they have never had dance classes and don’t possess the correct footwork. Well, guess what; neither do your children. You can use their presence to dance your heart out. Trust us, the little ones won’t need much persuasion once you crank up the volume. They will start erratically dancing around the house, laughing as they skip around.

Swinging back to childhood

Finally, the nearby playground provides the perfect setting for all kinds of fun exercises for all members of the family. You can climb and swing with your child, all the while consciously exercising while your kid will think you are just having fun with them. You can find playground workouts online that will help you turn a common swing into a professional pull-up bar.

These 6 activities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exercising with your kids. Having children is no obstacle to your amateur fitness career, as not only will you enlarge your muscle mass but you will have fun with the little ones by your side. 

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