5 Fun Family Word Games

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Are you and your family looking for good games to play for your game night? Fortunately for you, there’s a ton of great games that you can pick and choose from to liven up any family event. With mobile gaming becoming more and more of a hit, word games are making a return to the mainstream. That means that you and your family can dig into your closet and pull out those old word games you all used to play years ago.

Word games aren’t just fun to play, they are also informative and helps you learn new vocabulary and how to use it as well. Certain word games can teach strategy also. The other amazing aspect of these games is that many of them can incorporate a large number of players. Have a family of six or seven? You do not need to worry as there will be plenty of different word games for you to choose from. From classics to modern games, here are fun family word games to liven up your game night.

Pictionary Games

Pictionary is making a return and is featured in several board games. The way this game works is that you pick a word and write it down. From there, you pass it on to the person to your right and they draw the word you have written. After that, they pass it on again and the next person has to guess the word. The cycle continues until your drawing comes back to you. 

After everyone has their drawing back, hilarity will ensue as you all flip through the pages and see what wacky twists your word took over time through the drawing and guessing. Points can be awarded to people with the funniest result or those with the closest result to the original word. The possibilities are endless with Pictionary and the style of the game ensures that no two games are ever the same.

Word Twists

Word twists are a simple game that can be played with as many people as you want. Have a player pick letters at random and then start a timer. From there, players will have to unscramble those letters and come up with as many words as possible. Whichever player can create the most amount of words wins the round and gains a point. 

This can be repeated as many times as you want! Word twists are an excellent way to learn to unscramble words and will greatly increase your vocabulary and your ability to recognize patterns. Not only will you be having a blast with your family when you play a word twist, but you will also be learning at the same time. Bring a word twist to any family game night to make it that much more memorable.


Scrabble is a classic game that all families have come to love. The only downside to this game is that it is limited to only four players. If you have more than four, you can create teams and work together to see who will be crowned kings and queens of Scrabble. 

Scrabble is similar to word twists and according to the experts from UnscrambleX, it not only will make you better at unscrambling words but will also enhance your critical thinking skills. Points are awarded based on the length of the word and the letters used. Don’t leave this classic out of your game nights.

One Letter Change-Up

This is a fun game that requires thinking out of the box. You start with a word of any length (four to five letters are easiest) and from there, change one letter in that word to create a new one. You keep doing this till either the timer expires, or you have run out of words to write. Once the timer goes, compare what you have with other people, the person with the most created words wins! The beauty of this game is the minimal set-up required, all that is needed is just a paper and pen for everyone. If you want a fun word game without the cleanup, look towards these games.

Definition Guess

This game has appeared in many trivia games and comedy game shows. Games like this give the player a ridiculous word that they and everyone else have to guess the definition of. If they guess it right, they are awarded a point. Points are also awarded to close guesses if no one got it, and also to what people deem the funniest response. This game is sure to bring the house down and create howls of laughter.Word games are not the boring style of the game everyone thinks about. There is a lot of fun to be had with the family. From Pictionary to scrabble to definitions, there are plenty of games that you can take and bring into your family game night. Don’t get stuck in boring games you don’t like. Add in some fast-moving word games and watch as more and more game nights occur. Which game are you going to play first?

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