Fun Indoor Activities for Kids During Quarantine

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Many countries around the world are implementing lockdowns as a measure to stop the growing number of cases brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. With many people under home quarantine, the activities that people can do become limited. For children, staying at home and out of school may seem fun for the first few days, but things will get boring once they stay inside their houses for a prolonged period. To relieve the anxious and uncertain atmosphere for the kids and the grownups while staying at home during quarantine, you can always look into your imagination chest and squeeze out your creative juices. Who says being under quarantine should be melancholic? 

Let’s explore some of the fun indoor activities we can share for kids during quarantine.

Brain Teasers

Our disposition depends on the state of our minds. Being in quarantine or staying in one place for a long period of time can be taxing to our minds, especially for kids. Kids derive their abundant energy and liveliness from a healthy brain activity. Thus keeping their minds active through brain teasers can keep them full of life, even if they stay at home for a while. There can be many resources you can find at home such as books and magazines or from online websites offering brain teasers such as riddles, puzzles, trivia and word games. The internet is a great source of brain teasers and you can find more riddles for kids here! Kids can find an activity that can stimulate their brains by challenging their analytic skills, deductive reasoning skills, logical thinking and many other cognitive skills. Having an active brain also improves your outlook so you can play these brain teasers with your kids.

Indoor Sports

Kids and toddlers are known for their energy and propensity for physical activities, particularly sports. One of these sports is soccer, where any child could be sure to play this very once in while at school or outside your home. Since you’ll be staying cooped up in your home for a while, it doesn’t mean you can’t kick some ball inside your home. You can turn your living room or your kid’s room into a mini soccer field. You just need to clear up breakable items like pots, picture frames, figurines, and small electronic gadgets. You can then create a makeshift goal and a ball for you and your kid to play and take turns as goalkeeper and striker. Basketball is also something you can play with your kids indoors. You can turn your laundry basket into a basketball ring and shoot some hoops with a small ball or an improvised one made of clothes. Table tennis, chess and bowling are just a few games that are designed to be played indoors and you can do inside your home.

Printable Treasure Hunts

Another great option is a printable. Treasure Run is a site where you can get printable treasure hunts! Perfect for those long days indoors, especially if it’s a rainy day.

Imaginative Games

Another type of stimulating game for both the mind and the body is categorized as imaginative games. These games promote the imagination and creativity of the kids, and they are allowed to think of anything they can make out of the household items. Kids like to play imaginative castles, cars, boats, cartoon characters and many other activities. Let them explore items from their room or from the attic and encourage them to think of games that they can think of. You can also play scavenger hunt for treasure hunt games with them and let them look for hidden items inside the house.

Your home can still be an area for fun and games for your kids while your family stays in quarantine. Being in quarantine doesn’t mean long periods of inactivity and unproductive activities. Instead, being indoors can still promote healthy living and fun activities for the entire family, especially the kids. All it takes is to be positive, creative and to reconnect with the inner child in you.

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