Fun Ways to Customize Your Crochet

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If you just started to crochet, chances are you can always benefit from practicing with free crochet patterns for beginners. Even with some experience, it’s helpful to have access to fun projects that don’t cost a fortune.

No matter your experience and no matter what kinds of projects you like to work on, customizing them is a fun way to personalize the things you make for yourself as well as the things you want to gift to others.

Embellishments are fun and easy, and they add a little bit of extra pizzazz to your pieces. Here are several fun embellishments you can use to customize your crochet patterns and make them unique.

Lazy Daisies:

Embroidered lazy daisies are simple and cute. They’re fast to stitch into any project, and you can choose the color, the size, and the quantity. Make your own signature lazy daisy or mix it up every time.

Lazy daisies use a repeated detached chain stitch to make a pattern of petals in the form of a flower. If you don’t already know how, you can pick it up in no time, and it won’t be long before you can do them very quickly.

Pom Poms:

Pom poms are always cute on just about anything. Crowning the top of a crochet hat or lining the collar or sleeve of a sweater make pom poms a fun accessory. They couldn’t be easier to make, and there’s nothing scientific about them. Just experiment until you get the look you want.

Cut a piece of yarn about twelve inches long and set it aside. Then wind yarn around your fingers until you have something that resembles a very dense ball. Loop the pre-cut piece of yarn through it and tie it off tightly. Then cut the loops to make a pom pom. Attach it to anything you want!

Stars and Hearts:

Tiny stars and hearts are just the cutest. You can add cheer to your projects by adding these little embellishments aplenty. You can add them as an applique to anything, making it unique and filling it with love and happiness.


Perhaps the handiest and most versatile skill you could have when you crochet is the backstitch. It’s the easiest way to customize your projects with designs, names, or words. It’s a handy skill to have.

Your stitch comes up at any point in the project and goes back down backward. You then move forward two lengths, and your needle comes up again past the point at which your needle came up the first time. Move your needle back to the point at which you first came up and go down again. Continue until you make the shape you want.

When it comes to embellishing your crochet projects, these are some fun and easy ways to make them different or unique. You can find all kinds of free crochet patterns, but in order to personalize them, add a few of these touches, and you’re good to go.

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