Gaining Likes on YouTube – The Easy way

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Have you decided to open a channel on YouTube to express your opinions on the topics that are most important to you and would like to conquer as much audience as possible in a short time?

Unfortunately, there are no magic recipes for these things, I’ve told you a thousand times, but you can follow some practical tips that will surely help you increase your popularity on the Google video portal.

YouTube is one of the most popular social networks in the world, which has increased its fame thanks to its ease of use and easy understanding for users of all ages. Millions of users come from all over the world and are not only young but also more adults.


Thanks to YouTube it is possible to spread videos of any kind, from musical ones to tutorials, or videos in which different activities are explained such as recipes, DIY, etc.

To have a higher number of subscribers, you can either buy YouTube subscribers or get more “likes”. In this guide, therefore, we will recommend 5 tricks to get many “likes” on YouTube and become the most followed on the channel.

If you want to know how to have many likes on YouTube, try to put into practice all the “tips” I’m about to give you. As already said, I do not assure you miraculous results but by putting the right amount of commitment and passion into it you should be able to get a good satisfaction. Then of course it’s up to you to create interesting content that deserves people’s likes. Good luck!

Let’s start this guide on how to have many likes on YouTube from a fundamental concept, that of personality. If you want to build an audience and get the “like” counter up, you need to have a specific identity, be recognizable and have an original style.

Attention, this does not mean that you have to make videos all the same (you would get the opposite effect) but that you have to choose a common theme for your videos (e.g. computer science, cinema, travel, etc.) and not go out of track.

A few small deviations from the rule may be there, of course, but try not to overdo it. In short, if users follow you to hear your opinions on the latest news related to the technological world, you cannot expect them to be greeted with the same “warmth” video in which this issue is not addressed.

I also recommend that you look natural in your videos. This does not mean that the films must be made “on the fly” and without a minimum of preparation, on the contrary, but that you must not seem “plastered” in the eyes of the public. Can you follow a previously written script by appearing “loose” in front of the camera? So much for the better, but if that’s not the case, go freewheeling and talk as if you were talking to a friend (with any imperfections and errors). The public will appreciate it more than a seemingly perfect but clearly “recited” speech.

Another essential requirement to have many likes on YouTube is to make high-quality movies. Many smartphones and cameras now allow you to make HD videos (1920 1080 pixels) without costing a fortune: use those to shoot your movies and not your computer’s webcam.

Also, make sure that the quality of the audio in the recording is optimal, as well as the lighting in the surrounding environment. On the Internet you will find numerous tutorials on how to fix these small – but very important – details.

Don’t forget to cut downtime from your videos before posting them online. If you don’t know how to do it, take a look at my guides on how to edit a video and how to edit a video on Mac, it’s a very simple operation.

As for the possibility of adding an opening theme to your movies, go ahead, but only as long as this theme is good and does not last more than 5-10 seconds (otherwise you risk boring the viewer).

Now we come to the “marketing” aspect. I know that to increase the number of “likes” on your videos you would be tempted to explicitly ask for likes and subscriptions to the channel at the end of each video, but I can guarantee you that this is a counterproductive technique.

Instead of pestering your audience with invitations to “like” your video and subscribe to your channel, try to entice people to do everything on their own. How?

First of all, create interesting videos and then, to “entice” users by giving them the desire to see your new videos as soon as possible, insert “teasers” in your videos or any case brief hints to the topics that you will soon be discussing trying to create a some “hype” for the most important and elaborate videos (eg the comparison between two smartphones, the images of an event you attended, etc.).

Lastly – but not in order of importance – try to promote your videos on social networks, intensify your presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and answer users who ask you questions about your videos or comment directly on YouTube. It is always worth it.

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