Games About Time Travelling

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A Time Travelling video game.

The concept of time travel has been addressed in literature, film, and video games. There are many distinct types of gameplays in video games that are not possible in cinema or literature. In most video games like ruletka gra, time travel has been used as a story device since the early arcade games. To travel across time, one must first go to and from various points in the past and future. As basic as reversing gameplay, time travel in video games can range from simple to complicated. No one genre is exempt from using time travel, which can be done in a variety of ways.

The idea of travelling across time & space has been explored in a variety of media. But getting it right is a challenge, that is why we compiled a list of 5 amazing time travel games that are the best in the business. These will make your gaming experience memorable. Keep reading as we unveil the list.


Free-form time travel is available in both the single-player and multi-player versions of this real-time strategy game. While playing at different moments in time, players can halt, slow down, and fast ahead through time. Units can also be sent back and forth in time.

Ape Escape

This 3D system game has an interesting twist: When an inquisitive ape puts on a unique helmet, he becomes smarter. Time travel is used to conquer numerous timeframes and create the ape as the most dominating race by Specter, an ape. Apes must be recaptured by the player as they go back in time.

Back to the Future

This game is the inspiration for this NES game. When Marty McFly accidentally travels back in time, he ends up in the year 1955 instead of 1985. It’s time for Marty to sprint along the road in a Paperboy style and gather alarm clocks to save himself and his siblings from being deleted from the shot! To return to 1985, he must also battle thugs at the malt store, break Lorraine’s heart to prevent her from kissing him, play the acoustic guitar by collecting music notes, and drive his time machine up to an impressive 88 mph. It is a game you wouldn`t want to stop if you start.


Braid is among the most original and fun independent games of all time. Most players will remember this game for a long time because of its gripping narrative and challenging puzzle mechanisms. Braid is a video game that will shock everyone who thinks they’re the nice guy in every video game.


The SNES was host to some very recognizable games ever made. As a result of its enticing charm and inventive gameplay, EarthBound has become a favourite of many gamers. This is where the story begins: a future time traveller reveals to Ness that the world is on the verge of destruction. Final battle: The party goes back on a game segment so they can take on Giygas during his most vulnerable moments.


Who doesn’t like the idea of going back in time? Time travel has historically been depicted in science and fiction, but these days, it can be found in almost every genre of video games. You can get one from the list and start having fun.

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