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Moving is such a stressful event in your life. It is an exciting time because so much is new but it can be overwhelming.

You normally have to start from scratch figuring out everything. You need to decide who to use for all your utilities if the company you previously used doesn’t service the area. Most likely you have to find a new favorite grocery store and restaurant. You have to learn the area and learn where to go for everything.

One of the most important things is figuring out healthcare for everyone in the family. What doctor and dentist should you trust?

When you have finally worked your way through all those questions you remember there is another member of your family that needs healthcare too. You need to find a new vet for your pet. You are most likely asking yourself “How do I find the best vet near me?”.

The Traditional Way

Traditionally when you are looking for a vet you start by asking who other people use. So take the time to ask your new neighbors and co-workers who they use and how they like them. This helps you to collect some honest reviews of what the vets near you have to offer.

After you have gathered the opinions of neighbors and friends, take the time to jump on the internet and search for info on all the local vets. Read all the reviews you can find. See if any of them have websites that might give you an idea of the culture of their practice.

Take all the information you have collected and create a list of local vets you are still interested in. Randomly visit each of their offices and notice how clean the offices are. Do the offices feel welcoming?

While visiting the local vet offices on your list, take the time and notice how the pets in the waiting room are acting. Do they all look frightened? 

If you like what you see while visiting the vet’s office, talk to the staff and get a feel for how they treat their customers. Also, ask questions about how they handle rowdy animals and if they do any boarding. 

When looking for a new vet you also want to make sure they share the same views as you on the way your pet should be cared for. If they check off all the needs on your list you have most likely found your new vet.

Now you just need to make an appointment and make sure you and your pet are comfortable with the new vet. Trust your instincts (and your pet’s).

The New Way

There is an easier and quicker option to finding the best local vet. There are now websites and apps that give you instant contact with local vets.

These websites and apps let you talk with these vets at any time of day. This allows you to talk directly to your potential vets so you can get all the info you need directly from them. Reviews will still be important to look at but this saves you a lot of the leg work.

These websites and apps also provide video conferencing with local vets which means fewer in-office visits. You know going to the vet can be incredibly stressful. It is likely your pet does not enjoy going to the vet.

Now with the aid of these services you and your pet can see your vet for most issues in the comfort of your own home. They are available even when the office is closed so no more having to wait to get help for your pet.

In conclusion, you can use the old-fashioned way when looking for a new vet, but why would you? These websites and apps have made the process so much easier with so many added bonuses. Now you know that professional help for your pet is always within reach no matter what time of day. This makes using the new option the obvious choice.

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