Get Your Skin Vacation Ready

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With the beautiful weather finally making an appearance, it’s time to start thinking about summer vacations. Chances are good, you’re going to have your picture taken a lot while you’re on vacation. Everyone wants to look great and feel confident when the cameras come out. We want to have our faces gleam and shine so that we can look back at the photo with fondness. There are plenty of serums available now that can give you the most idealistic skin benefits that you may need. Most importantly, you will be able to see results and changes in your skin if you decide to use them regularly! Now is the time to get your skin vacation-ready with a Korean skincare routine!

Without a doubt, Korean women are known for their beautiful skin. Their skin always seems to glow with youth and vitality. According to Glamour Magazine, Korean women are very serious about their skincare, often start a routine at a very young age. Achieving perfect skin requires a commitment of both time and effort. The Peach & Lily routine recommends following these 10 steps to achieve amazing results at home.

Cleansing with Two Separate Cleansers

Most Korean women start their skin care routine by using not just one, but two, different cleansers. The routine starts with an oil-based cleanser. This type of cleanser will get all the makeup, sunscreen, and dirt off your face without any unnecessary pulling that can lead to lines and wrinkles. A gentle, water-based cleanser is brought in afterward to remove anything the oil-based cleanser may have left behind.

Toning to Balance pH

A toner follows the cleansers to balance your skin’s pH and close your pores. You have lots of options when choosing a toner. You should look for one that suits the individual needs of your skin. Toners come in a variety of formulas, such as a lavender formula to sooth or an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) formula for exfoliation and tightening pores. There are even toners that are specially formulated to hydrate the skin and prepare it for makeup application. No matter which formula you choose, don’t skip this step. It’s critical to achieving that glow we’ve been talking about!

Use an Essence to Plump Up Your Skin

The next step in the traditional Korean skin care routine is to use an essence. Essences are kind of like concentrated moisture. They help to plump up the skin, making it look firmer and more youthful. This step is critical for preparing your skin to absorb the serums and ampoules that follow.

Customize Your Routine With Serums

Serums and ampoules should be chosen carefully according to the needs of your skin. They can address things like loss of elasticity, fine lines, and wrinkles, or hyperpigmentation and dark spots. The right serum can also be a lifesaver for those with very dry, aging skin. Most Korean women use more than one serum. Serums and ampoules are super concentrated, and a few drops are all you need. This is the step that allows you to really customize your skin care routine and take it to a whole new level of effectiveness!

An Eye Cream Combats Fine Lines and Dark Circles

Moisturizing comes next. For best results, use an intensive eye cream around the eyes and an all over moisturizer on the rest of your face. The skin near your eyes needs special treatment because it’s more prone to dark circles and fine lines and it tends to be drier. Eye creams with natural ingredients like licorice, Vitamin E, rose oils, and Argan oils are commonly found in Korean skincare. You will be amazed at the results when used consistently.

Moisturize For That Youthful Glow

An all-over facial moisturizer is applied next. This step creates a barrier on the surface of your skin that keeps all the other beneficial ingredients you already applied from evaporating away. Your moisturizer also protects your skin from things like airborne pollution. It plumps up the skin, preparing it for makeup and giving you a more youthful appearance. Korean moisturizers are formulated with powerful ingredients to benefit your skin, no matter what it needs. You’ll find formulas for anti-aging and intense hydration as well anti-blemish and oil-free formulations. With all the options available in Korean skincare, you’re sure to find one that suits your skin’s needs perfectly.

Protect Your Skin with Sunscreen

Sunscreen is critical to the Korean skincare routine. Your morning skincare routine should end with a product that includes SPF. Sunscreen is necessary for preventing skin cancer as well as lines, wrinkles, and dark spots on your skin. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an absolute minimum SPF of 15 or higher on all exposed skin, every single day. You can use a stand-alone sunscreen, or it can be part of your foundation or BB cream.

Exfoliate To Expose Fresh, New Skin

The use of gentle, non-abrasive exfoliators is an important part of any Korean skincare routine. This step is done 2-3 times each week after cleansing and before toning. Exfoliation is important for improving the absorption of all your other skin care products by removing dead skin cells and encouraging the exposure of the fresh, youthful skin underneath. The most common exfoliators used by Korean women are fruit and botanical extracts that dissolve the dead skin without the need for scrubbing and tugging on your skin.

Use Masks To Target Problem Areas That Need Special Attention

To further pamper your skin and achieve that glow even faster, consider using a mask. Sheet masks are often used in the Korean skincare routine to further customize it based on how your skin is looking and feeling that day. Sheet masks often contain the same intensive ingredients as serums, but they tend to focus on just one or two ingredients to give a more targeted effect. Sleep masks are another type of mask commonly found in Korean skincare. Sleep masks work overnight while you sleep, providing intensive moisture and amazing benefits like tightening and brightening the skin. Use a sleep mask two or three times a week in place of your regular moisturizer.

Whether you are traveling to Hawaii or New York, this routine will have your skin vacation-ready in no time. Your family and friends will be totally jealous of your post-vacation glow and fabulous pictures!

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