Getting Out of the House and Travel With Technology

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As of now, it’s uncertain how long COVID and the travel restrictions it caused will stick around. Even with vaccines going out in many countries, many are still yet to receive said vaccines, and it will be a while before countries feel safe enough to open up again.

It’s been a rough year for those who feel the need to travel. Fortunately, technology has given us plenty of ways to explore the world without leaving home.

Best Ways to Explore the World During the Lockdown

1. Virtual Reality

There seems to be a skewed view of virtual reality headsets. Some think virtual reality headsets are only good for games. Others view VR headsets as nothing more than niche devices only useful in certain industries.

The truth is that virtual reality headsets are great for anything, especially experiencing the world.

From virtual reality videos designed around VR to games that allow you to explore certain sections of the world, VR is one of the best ways to escape your house without actually leaving your house.

2. Virtual Museum Tours

From offering glimpses into the history of the planet and what was here before us to showcase the talents of artists, both new and old, museums are truly fascinating. Unfortunately, many museums have fallen victim to COVID, with many people not being able to visit.

Some museums, however, have adapted; these museums offer virtual tours for users at home. These virtual tours take viewers through specific exhibits, usually with a text of information that viewers can read at any time. While not perfect, these virtual tours are 100% worth it, especially since they are free.

3. Shows and Documentaries

Many shows and documentaries are centered around traveling around the globe. Some shows focus on more macabre landmarks like the catacombs, while others focus on locating amazing local delicacies.

These shows offer a glimpse into other countries and nature itself. All that’s required to watch these is a subscription to certain streaming services, but that’s a low price for hundreds of hours of documented travels.

And if you find that the show you want to watch is blocked in your country, don’t worry—a VPN will help you navigate around those pesky geo-restrictions. Always look for VPN deals offered by reputable providers to ensure you get the best service at the biggest discount. 

4. Google Earth

Google has a so-so track record with their projects. Typically, Google’s projects are either discarded only a couple of years after being introduced, continued but with little support, or are highly successful. Google Earth, while niche, has been successful since its release in 2001.

But why mention it here? See, Google Earth allows users to travel the entire world with a mouse and keyboard. Landmarks, cities, forests, deserts: it’s all accessible via Google Earth. It’s free, easy to use, and light, so your computer won’t be overwhelmed. There’s no reason not to try it out!


Just because COVID-19 has made it near-impossible for people to go out and explore the world in person doesn’t mean you can’t view the world through virtual means. With the right technology (and Internet, of course), there’s no stopping you from traveling across the world from the comfort of your couch.

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