Getting Out Of The House On Time With Children

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If you are a parent, you will understand the cold stone of dread that settles in your stomach when you think about getting them up and out the house on time for you to get to work and them to school or nursery.

Getting out of the house on time with children is no mean feat and can be extremely stressful, so let’s have a look at some tried and tested ways to make it easier. 

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1) Lay clothes out the night before

If your child or children are not yet at school or don’t have a school uniform, decide with them the night before what they are wearing the next day.

Do the same for you, too. That way there are no early morning dashes to the dryer, no arguments over shorts in winter, and no staring idly into the closet deciding what to wear. 

2) Find the shoes 

No matter where your kids leave their shoes when they get home, you can guarantee they won’t be where they should be the next morning. Find and clean each and every required pair of shoes the night before so the next morning there is no standing at the door screaming ‘WHERE IS YOUR OTHER SHOE?’ 

3) Pack the stroller 

If your child is still in a stroller, get it out and pack it up the night before with nappies, drinks, wipes, a change of clothes and anything else they will need at day-care.

This will save you from struggling to open the stroller and check for all the necessities whilst looking for shoes and wiping noses. 

4) Get up earlier

I know. No one wants to do that. But if you are consistently 10 minutes late, try getting up 20 minutes earlier.

Just don’t fall into the trap of relaxing because you think you have extra time. 

5) Have a ‘getting ready’ song

Children love a fun game to play, and most of them love music and songs.

Choose a playlist and set challenges for each song. You might have a 3-minute song and by the end of it they must have their clothes on. By the end of the next song, they need to have put on their shoes and coat. Keep going until they are out the door.

Choose fast-paced songs to really get them moving and giggling.

If music isn’t your thing or will distract them more than encourage, race with your children for glory and privileges. The person who can get their shirt buttoned first chooses what to have for dinner, for example.

Mornings will be much more fun for everyone and you will all walk out of the house feeling buoyant. 

6)  Make it fun and be kind 

Children respond better when something is fun. Nothing is going to make a child say ‘no’ to something faster than being yelled at to do it.

As this blog points out, the better connected to you a child feels, the more likely they are to co-operate.

Make sure you have a nice bedtime routine the night before, full of kisses and laughter. Your children are more likely to feel co-operative with you the next morning.

In the morning, cajole them along with fun. Smiles, laughter, singing, and silly voices will help to convince them that actually, brushing their hair isn’t an evil to be avoided at all costs.

You will also feel less stressed if you aren’t outwardly shouting and angry at them. It is well evidenced that smiling and laughing can make you feel happier.

This has a knock-on effect, too. The next morning, they are more likely to get ready nicely, as long as you continue to make it fun. 

So, with a little bit of fun, a lot of preparation, and a touch of luck you should all be skipping out of the door on time each and every day. 

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