Getting Prepared For Thanksgiving

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here?! How crazy is that! 2018 is just flying by. Today I am sharing with you some great tips for preparing that Thanksgiving turkey thanks to my friends at the Ohio Poultry Association. I am from Ohio and I am proud to say we rank 9th overall national for turkey farming.

About 95% of Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving, as with tradition, and November is an extremely busy time for Ohio turkey farmers. Ohio turkey farmers provide exceptional care into their flock and ensure that their turkeys are healthy and safe. Most Ohio turkeys are raised and live indoors and are protected from the harsh outdoor elements.

  • When choosing your Thanksgiving turkey, allow 1 lb of turkey per person for a fresh or frozen variety. This ensures everyone has plenty to eat.
  • Allow approximately 24 hours of thawing time for every 4-5 pounds of turkey weight (in the fridge of course)
  • Plan for cooking time of 20 minutes for each 1 lb of your turkey. So if you are baking a 20 lb turkey, you will want to cook it at 350°F for about 7 hours (for a defrosted turkey, if you are using a fresh turkey, cook 10-15 minutes per lb)
  • Do NOT take the turkey out of your oven until a meat thermometer reads 165°F at the breast of the turkey
  • Let a turkey sit for 20 minutes before removing from the oven and carving. This allows the juices to set in, making a more moist turkey.Turkey Leftover Sandwich
  • Here is a great recipe for using up leftover turkey: Turkey Leftover Sandwich. I can’t wait to make one after shopping til I drop on Black Friday!

Do you have any turkey tips to share? Leave a comment!

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