Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

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Pet lovers, a.k.a. Pet parents know that Christmas is a special season not just for them, but for their pets as well. If you own a dog, cat or any other pet then you will know exactly what it is that can make your pet happy. However, when it comes to gift-giving, you can’t simply ask Santa Claus to guess what’s the preference of your pet for a Christmas gift. 

To make this task less daunting, we’ve listed below some of the best things that you can give as a gift for your pet-loving friend.

Pet designed Christmas ornaments

One perfect gift that you can give to your friend this Christmas is an ornament that’s designed specifically for pet lovers. For someone who loves their Westie more than anything, you should make a Christmas Westie gifts list to make sure that you have the perfect gift that they would surely appreciate. A Christmas ornament that has a Westie design can be something that your pet loving friend can pass down to the next generation of his pet-loving family members. It has to be durable for it to last that long. 

Matching game cards set

Christmas gives pet owners a lot of time to bond with their pets and their family. The holidays will be a perfect time for them to enjoy a game of cards together. They can purchase a set of matching game cards. For example, a card game set titled “Do you look like your pet?” is such a fun game to play where images of human beings are matched with pet’s image cards. Well, it doesn’t take rocket science for one to figure out which human image card matches with the pet image card because the two of them somehow resemble each other’s look. It’s going to be a day or a night filled with laughter and fun!. 

Super chewer toy

These chewer toys are designed with the toughest dog in mind. So, you don’t have to worry about these chewer toys being damaged after a few days of use. The best thing about it is that these chewer toys usually have new designs created depending on the theme of the month. So, be prepared to choose the best Christmas designed chewer toys to make your friend and his pet truly happy this holiday season. 

Cat scratch bookends

If your friend owns a cat pet, this set of bookends that were designed with a cat’s silhouette on each end will certainly make your friend feel elated. This will also be a perfect gift for a friend whom you know is not just a pet lover but a book over as well. Another reason why this will serve as a perfect gift is the fact that Christmas holidays give pet owners more time to just sit on the couch with a book in one hand and a furry friend on the lap. 

Foam bed

Don’t forget that the Christmas season is a cold season. So, surprise your friend with a gift of a pet foam bed where his cat or dog can just lie down on top of this foam placed on the floor so they can enjoy watching a good movie together. Look for a foam bed with a fleece cover that is machine washable and a top layer that is capable of regulating body temperature. This way, your friend’s pet will feel comfortable all throughout the holiday season. 

Pet designed measuring spoons

The Christmas holidays would also mean more time in the kitchen. If your friend loves to bake as much as she loves her pets, this pet designed to measure spoon will definitely be a perfect gift idea. This set of measuring spoons looks as functional as it is cute so baking hours won’t have to be a boring time. 

Pet monitoring device

This one will be a perfect gift for a friend who’s fond of collecting smart gadgets. A pet monitoring device is one that you can just put on the floor and is equipped with a camera. Once you connect it to the internet, it will be easy for your friend to monitor his pet even when he’s at work or somewhere else. This device automatically sends alert notifications to your friend’s app on the phone as soon as it detects your pet barking. The bonus is that this device will also allow you to talk to your pet over the phone.

Key and leash holder

This key and leash holder can be attached to the wall. Look for a leash and key holder that has three or more hooks so your friend can hang her keys and pet leash. This greatly spares your forgetful friend from having to look every now and then for his keys and leash. With this attached to the wall, every key and leash can be easily organized. 

Any pet owner would agree that nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a fun time together with their furry friend. So, if this pet lover also happens to be your friend, the above-mentioned list of gifts will never fail to put a smile on his or her face.  

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