Gift Ideas for Your Snowbird Grandparents

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As people age, they are more likely to consider spending the winter in places with a warm climate. People who spend the coldest months of the year in warmer regions are commonly called snowbirds, although “winter visitor” is considered the proper term. One in 10 winter visitors is an international guest who spends up to six months of the winter year living in states such as Florida, which receives more than a million winter visitors every year.

Some snowbirds rent properties, while others purchase vacation homes or stay in RVs. Although their space for possessions may be limited during their winter months, there are some things family members can get snowbirds as gifts that will be used and appreciated.


One of the great things about e-readers is that the font can be enlarged on the display. This means that people with vision issues can still find optimal settings and take advantage of e-readers to enjoy books. Purchasing refurbished e-readers is a great option, particularly if your grandparents are new to e-readers. You can also load their e-reader with books for them before they go.

Digital Photo Frame

Electronic photo frames can be plugged in and displayed at home. Before you present this gift it can be loaded with photographs. Some digital frames offer unlimited photo storage, which will enable your grandparents to upload additional photos when they travel. Add in a digital photo key chain so that your grandparents can have up to 50 pictures with them at all times.

Personalized Calendar

Images of loved ones will always be popular gifts for grandparents. You can pull together favorite photos of your family and make a customized calendar that they will cherish while they’re away. Another option is to create magnetic picture collages that can be kept on their fridge or to make a scrapbook your grandparents can take with them.

A Blanket

The elderly often have issues with poor circulation, which is one of the reasons they are more likely to feel cold and have a hard time warming up. Some medications also decrease blood flow to extremities and make people more likely to lose their body heat faster. A weighted blanket is a great gift that can help keep body heat in. Other options include personalized blankets with photographs or electric blankets.


The Internet has made it easy to send flowers anywhere in the world. Whether you’d like to recognize a birthday or send your grandparents something to let them know you’re thinking of them, flowers are a great option. One of the benefits is that they don’t take up a lot of space, which makes them ideal for those staying in rental properties or RVs.

Gift Cards

Gift cards may not seem like a personal gift, but they are practical. People who are retired are on fixed incomes and many appreciate a gift they can use. If your grandparents are driving south you can get them gift cards for gas stations or restaurants to help with travel costs. Another option is to get them a prepaid Visa card that they can use anywhere.

Sign Them Up for Activities

Whether your grandparents are headed to Florida, Texas, Arizona or a site for shore eyes in Oregon, there will be many local sites to see and activities that can keep them busy. Sign your grandparents up for yoga classes. Book them for wine tastings or sight-seeing tours. You can also get them a fitness club membership or golf club membership. This can help them stay busy, engage in favorite activities and make new friends at their winter home.

Medical Insurance

Anyone traveling to the United States from another country will need to have health insurance to avoid high fees if they need medical care while they’re away. Some Americans may need supplemental coverage, too. Your grandparents will appreciate it if you take the time to help them review their coverage and ensure they get the insurance they need before they head south. Another great option is to sign them up for a flu shot before they travel.

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