Giving Your House an Exterior Makeover? Don’t Forget These Tips

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Every homeowner wants their house to look exquisite and stunning. From cozy carpets, beautiful furniture to comfy linens – people have turned their homes into a paradise. However, that’s all about how your house looks from the inside, but what about the exterior? The home’s exterior design is equally crucial since it can either bump visual appeal or destroy it.

In addition, it leaves an impression about how your house looks from the inside. Hence, you have to ensure the home’s exterior design is up to date, pleasing, and functional. That doesn’t mean you have to remodel the entire house; instead, a small makeover would be good enough. You can begin by making a cosmetic change such as painting and cladding. Likewise, you can install new windows, update the front door, or spruce up the driveway. 

If you are up for a substantial overhaul, consider adding a patio, landscape the garden, or restructure the roof. Alongside making an impactful architectural difference, it would significantly increase the home’s value. Thus, if you are ready to give your house an exterior makeover, have a look below. Here we are highlighting six tips to help you out. 

  1. Revamp All Windows & Doors 

Architects believe windows are the eyes of a house. Hence, if you change them, you can alter the entire home’s personality and look. So, why not update all windows in your home’s exterior makeover? Perhaps, you can get your hands on metal-framed windows if you want to keep it simple. Or better, install vinyl windows to achieve a contemporary look and add more character to the property. Remember to select a color that matches the home’s interior and exterior theme.

In addition to windows, updating the doors is equally essential. You can either repaint and polish the doors or replace them with new ones. These days, traditional-styled doors have become a favorite choice for homeowners. You can replace your old-school door with a sliding one or a veneered timber front door. Also, choose bright colors for the doors, something between warm and cool tones to reflect calm and cheerful vibes.  

  1. Swap Exterior Finishes 

Does your home look worn-out from the outside? Rusty edges and faded walls can disrupt the look of the entire house. Hence, if you experience something similar, swap the exterior finishes. For the chipping paint, you can repaint the walls using masonry paint. It has textured finishes that hide the minor cracks and mismatched work while giving a sleek finish to the walls. Remember to pick a neutral shade such as beige or white to unify different materials. 

Besides repainting, you can opt for cladding to change the exterior design. It is durable, scratch-resistant, and low maintenance, perfect for an exterior makeover. Also, brick and stone tiles are another excellent option. They are perfect for a more traditional look and offer a lightweight alternative to building with natural stone. In short, pick a finishing that aligns with your home’s personality to enhance the curb appeal. 

  1. Replace the Roof 

Most homeowners get their roofs repaired repeatedly because of the damage caused by hurricanes and storms, yet never think of replacing them. In this exterior makeover, feel free to say goodbye to your longstanding and deep-rooted roof. You can change the shape of it, replace the tiles, or alter outer coverings. In addition to transforming your home’s exterior appearance, a new roof will offer optimal protection against natural calamities. 

Furthermore, you can even change the roof’s shape. For instance, if you have a low-pitched top, replace it with a steep roof to create a usable space beneath. Similarly, you can opt for an overhanging sun shield to give the appearance of a modern flat design. However, make sure you get a license or permission to replace the roof. It falls under permitted development rights; meaning, you have to fulfill building regulations. 

  1. Add a Porch 

Outdoor living has become a popular home remodeling trend nowadays. As a result, homeowners are expanding their living spaces to make room for functional outdoor areas. How about you also jump on this trend? Maybe, you could add a porch or deck to expand the living space to new horizons. Besides adding monetary value to the house, it would make your exterior look exquisite. 

You have to handpick a design since a porch has to suit the home’s original architecture and size. In addition, you have to ensure the porch isn’t blocking natural light by taking a cue from existing roof pitch and angles. You can opt for a transparent deck with glass on all four sides or express your design with exotic hardwoods. After all, you have a variety of construction choices available. 

  1. Landscape the Garden 

Once the building work is complete, turn your attention to the landscaping. You have to update the outdoor space visible from the home’s front to improve the visual appeal. You can start by creating a design brief of what you need from the garden space. Some people want a green space where they can have evening tea, whereas others have a passion for gardening. Depending on your requirements, hire a garden designer and begin the landscaping process. 

You can pick a planting scheme with some architectural plants to create traditional cottage garden feels. Similarly, get your hands on flowers and shrubs to make the outdoor space look bright and lively. You can even place flower beds to create a boundary around the garden. 

  1. Spruce Up the Driveway 

Undoubtedly, driveways readily attract oil stains, mud, weed, and soil, making your house look messy and dirty. Since you are giving your home’s exterior a makeover, consider sprucing up the driveway too. First, get a broom and sweep away the dirt and debris. You have to get rid of the deep-rooted weeds to make the floors look clean. Second, jet-wash the driveway and remove deep stains by using washing powder. 

Once the driveway looks tidy, try to enhance its appearance. You can illuminate it by placing LED lights on the corners or use pavers to add edging that complements your driveway. Likewise, put a few flowerpots on the driveway and install a small fence to make it look like a mini garden.  

Final Words

An exterior home makeover is no less crucial than an interior overhaul. Homeowners have to ensure their house looks equally appealing from the outside as it does on the inside. For that, you have to keep updating the windows and doors, paint the walls, and spruce up the driveway. You can even make substantial changes to the house by building a porch or changing the roof. In addition to injecting personality into the exterior, these changes will increase your home’s worth.

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