Going Camping Is Great For Your Health – Here’s Why

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When we were kids, most of us had a small tent built in the garden or in our rooms where we used to spend a lot of time, watching the stars or living in a world of our own. The experience was unique because it used to separate us from anything around and helped us to create wonderful memories we always love to go back to. It turns out that spending some quality time in a tent is an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults, that’s why many people tend to go camping and have an unforgettable adventure. Camping is amazing for your health in so many ways; in this article, you will get to know why.

You Need A Breather

Whether you’re in school or have a job, there are loads of tasks, stress, and deadlines you deal with every day. It gets exhausting to keep up with such a boring routine, and this is why camping is the answer. When you go camping you will feel relaxed and carefree, far away from the tension of life. More oxygen is going to enter your lungs, so you will feel better physically too. Research shows that spending time outdoors improves your immune system, digestion, and regulates your blood pressure. It doesn’t matter where you camp; you can get a wide range of great reviews and tips from various websites that suggest perfect camping locations. As long as it’s an outside area where there are no boundaries between you and nature, you will have the best camping experience.

Pal Around

This adventure can be shared with your friends or family members or it could be a chance to meet people and make new friends. Either way, you will have a lot of fun mingling, chatting, playing, and fooling around with people, which will emphasize and improve your socialization skills. It feels great to have familiar faces around you and it’s a great experience to hang out with new ones. When you spend quality time with friends, it enhances your relationship, makes you happy, and extends your lifespan according to medical research.

Move Some Muscles

An obvious benefit of camping is exercising. You would be in an outdoor space where you can practice hiking, biking, swimming, and going on fishing trips. These activities are huge calorie burners; you can burn up to 300 calories per hour by cycling only. Both the Heart Foundation and The Department of Health assure that increased amounts of exercise will improve your physical and mental health. If you plan on losing some weight and being healthy, camping would be your perfect solution.

Forget Insomnia

Most of us suffer from lack of sleep due to life responsibilities and everyday stress, that’s why when you escape all of that to mother nature, your brain will automatically breathe, feel free and you would sleep like a baby. Also, the fact that you would spend most of your time doing activities will make you fall asleep as soon as you go to bed. A good night’s sleep is critical to our well-being and overall health.

The Sunshine Vitamin

What could be better than waking up at dawn and watching the sunrise, inhaling fresh air, and having the warmth of the sun kissing your skin? When sunlight touches the skin, it triggers the production of Vitamin D, which is a crucial element for our overall health. It protects against cancer and inflammation, it improves brain functions, lowers high blood pressure, and strengthens the muscles. Unfortunately, we don’t get the chance to spend the right amount of time in the sunlight due to our busy lives, therefore it’s a fantastic chance to benefit from the sun while camping.


When you need a break from your daily repetitive routine and decide to go camping, you should commit to its simple rules. Make sure you leave your tablet at home and turn off your mobile to allow yourself to feel peaceful and calm. You can’t have anything disturbing you while you’re camping; it’s your gateway to meditating and appreciating what you have in your life. Also, it’s your chance to enjoy a simple lifestyle without technology; this will help you feel comfortable and happy.

It is always good to have some time for yourself and break-free from any pressure surrounding you. The best way to do that is to go camping because that alone can enhance your mental and physical health and make you feel content, energetic, and super ready to get back to your usual daily routine. When you commit to the camping experience, you will get rid of any fatigue, depression, heart diseases, and even allergies. If you are looking forward to going camping, the above points show you how good the adventure is for your health.

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