Going to Thailand? Here’s What to Prepare

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Traveling is the best activity you can decide on. Whether you’re traveling with friends, alone, or with your partner, Thailand is definitely a destination worth visiting. There are plenty of beaches, sites, and parties that will guarantee you’re never bored of that magical country. However, it’s still a very different destination; it’s a tropical country that gets really chilly at night, and, although it might rain for hours, days, or even weeks, Thailand’s sun is all bright, warm, and harsh on the skin. 

Even though English is a very common language in Thailand, not everyone there is fluent in it, and it can be difficult for you to deal with people in remote islands or on the street because of the language barrier. That’s why It’s best to learn a little bit of their language, at least the basic phrases, even though it may be challenging. Also, understanding Thai addresses is essential because how they divide proveniences and areas is a little different, and can be confusing. After all, you don’t want to get lost in a foreign country.  To help you get ready for your Thai adventure, here are a few tips on what to prepare for your soon-to-be-legendary trip. 


Make sure you dress appropriately because there are a lot of places in Thailand where they might not let you in because of your attire. Make sure that you pack scarfs, tops that cover your shoulders, and bottoms that cover your knees. You also need to make sure you pack different types of shoes and don’t forget they all have to be easy to take off because you will also not be able to enter many places with your shoes on.

Thailand Essentials 

Thailand is filled with mosquitoes that will not only sting and annoy you, but they can also transmit a few diseases. Make sure you pack mosquito and bug repellents with you because they will be an absolute necessity during your trip. You might also want to consider getting a safe box for your phone, keys, and cash to avoid leaving them out in easily accessible areas if you’re on the beach or want to roam around a little without having to worry about everything you own. Remember, it’s often rainy there, so make sure you pack waterproof gadgets and clothes to be able to survive the rainy days and enjoy their beauty outside. 

Consider Renting a Scooter 

People in Thailand use scooters to go to places around the city. You might want to do the same, as it will be a faster, more fun way to reach your destination. Plus, it will save you some cab fare and potential scamming as well. You just have to make sure you have the right international motorcycle driver’s license. The roads are also not the safest, so make sure you wear a head helmet, appropriate shoes, and long pants with padded knee inserts in case you accidentally fall off. Scooters are usually safe because of their speed limits, but better safe than sorry, right? 

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Negotiation Skills 

You need to be able to hustle and bargain your way with sellers who will want to take every cent you have. Other than the food, if you’re buying souvenirs or other products from Thailand, you will have to watch out for scams and dealers who increase the prices of products the minute they look at your face and know that you’re a foreigner. Don’t be afraid to negotiate all the prices and deals you come across; you will be surprised by the amount of money you will be able to save on this trip by bargaining. 

Finally, just try and understand that this is a beautiful and welcoming country, but Thailanders have different rules, traditions, and cultures than the ones you’re used to, so be sure to read up on their customs before you arrive. The minute you land in Thailand, you will get a sense of security and good vibes that will not wear off until you are boarding a plane back home. Don’t forget to get the vaccines needed before you travel and buy loads of hand sanitizers and facemasks to avoid catching diseases and stay safe in public places. Don’t worry, Thailand actually has very good healthcare and plenty of public and private hospitals, but you don’t want to end up sick when there’s still a lot of fun to be had, right? With these tips in mind, you will have the time of your life, guaranteed! 

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