Great Gifts for Grandparents This Christmas

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If you are anything like me, Christmas is your favorite overwhelming time of the year. It means family, fun, presents and some stress about pulling it all together while having a good time yourself. But every year, I know it’s worth it, and I always love Christmas.
Something that cuts down my stress every year is when I already have gifts in mind for those on my list, especially for my grandparents. So I thought I should share some of my favorite gifts I’ve given to them over the years. These are sure to make Grandma and Grandpa very happy and provide treasured objects and memories for the years to come.
A Letter Writing Set
If Grandma and Grandpa are the kind to miss the days of bills and flyers not being the only mail you receive, then a nice letter writing kit is the perfect gift for them. A set filled with stationary, pens, and envelopes can be perfect in any color. The varieties available today are astounding in their quantity and are perfect if you want to customize a set.
This gift is also perfect as a duo set of gifts with their grandchild. If you purchase one for a child who is old enough to write, this double gift both gives both of them someone to write to while helping to strengthen the bond between the two of them. It’s ideal whether your family lives far away or close as there is nothing quite like getting a true letter in the mail. And the letters themselves become wonderful keepsakes for cherished memories down the road.
Personalized Mugs
If you’re like me, then you are an absolute sucker for anything personalized. Personalized gifts never go out of style. Every family vacation, we have matching tee shirts, including funny family christmas shirts, and for Christmas, at least one personalized gift comes out of my house every year.
One good tip about giving personalized items is to give something practical with a high use rate because it’s already specific to the person your gifting. Printed mugs from Mugstore are usually a big hit for that reason. After all, whether it is hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, Christmas is definitely the season to sip on something warm.
You can even add pictures to the phrases you customize on the mugs. That ends up being a fantastic feature because even if this becomes a repeated gift over time, you can update the picture or phrase every time you send a mug. It’s also perfect if you find an old picture you want to commemorate in a new way, for example, an old wedding or baby photo.
Map Pillows
Another great gift for grandparents are these adorable Map Pillows that are popping up all over the web. There is something about a grandparent’s house that really makes a place feel like home. So, giving a gift that strengthens and reminds everyone of a sense of place is perfect.
It’s especially lovely if they’ve lived in that house or city for many years. And another great thing about these pillows is that they come in a variety of scales for the maps. This way, even if they are in a newer house in the same city or state, you’ll be able to find one that fits them perfectly!
A Subscription Box
Subscription boxes are an absolutely different but equally fun gift to give this holiday season. Subscription boxes are boxes filled with themed goodies that traditionally come either monthly or quarterly. There are a million and one varieties now, leading to a ton of personalized fun.
The best part is they are the gift that keeps giving because they pop up again and again. You can even send something that provides an activity in every box, so you’re not only gifting memories but new experiences too.
All in all, these are some fun gifts that are perfect for any grandparent on your list!

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