Green Roofing – Debunking a Few Crucial Myths

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Green roofs have become the latest roofing trend today! It has many other names such as vegetated roofs, eco-roofs, and living roofs. From residential to commercial buildings, green roofs are gaining prominence. And any trend that gains prominence often gains appreciation, criticism as well as a bundle of misconceptions and assumptions. For instance, few people believe that green roofing is only meant for the eco-buffs, because it is costly to maintain, risky, and experiment. It is far from the truth. There are several other myths about green roofing that is important to debunk.

Understanding a Green Roof arrangement 

Green roofs are a simple construction that helps in vegetation growth! These roofs include a waterproofing layer and the drainage system. The intensive green roofs are easily accessible and are apt for bigger plants with sufficient water features. But the extensive green roofs are lighter and appear close to the standard roof. Usually, it’s flat or has a slope. Frequently, it gets planted with the help of a sedum. The semi-intensive roofs act as a home to varied plant species, flowers, and native grasses. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Patriot Roofing & Construction South Jordan

  1. A green roof requires a green building

There are various certifications and awarding points for green roofs! The environmental benefits are plenty. The residences that don’t have an eco-friendly objective can leverage the aesthetics and economic aspects of an extended garden area. Green roofs add to your savings as well. There are countries where an extensive green roof is an economical substitute for other choices. Green roofs have minimized expenses for heating and cooling, provide added commercial area, and reduce storm-water run-off. All these maximize the property value. So, if you want to sell your house, a green roof might get you a good deal. 

  1. Green roofs look appealing, but they eventually result in leakage and other structural issues

It’s a popular misconception about a green roof! A leaky green roof can happen anytime, regardless of it being a conventional or a green roof. It’s about the roof design and how homeowners plan the installation. All the roofs must have an apt waterproofing membrane. Hence, there’s isn’t any evidence that suggests these roofs are vulnerable to leakages. Also, researches indicate that green roofs last long because of a waterproof membrane, which acts as a secured layer from ultraviolet sun rays. The plant and substrate are natural barriers for weathering. A well-designed garden space always provides the root barrier to halt the plants from rooting deep. 

Often homeowners get confused about green roof construction. They choose the new age home designs but doesn’t much about green roof installation and its basics. The newly designed homes today should cater to the design requirements about green roofs. It is essential to know what a green roof stands and what can you expect from it. There are expert roofing contractors and companies to provide expert and professional guidance.

If you want to install a retro-fitted green roof, you should be careful. The requirements vary from one place to the other. It also depends on the load type that a house got initially designed to withstand, that could include rain, wind, and snow. It’s a smart call to check with a roofing contractor about the basic requirements and plan accordingly. 

  1. It is difficult and expensive to irrigate a green roof 

Most people think green roofs need to get planted with sedum or various other succulents. The reason most assume is that a green roof is costly to irrigate. The truth is far from this. These roofs require irrigation right at the start, and the plant roots establish them. The water preserving plants are famous because they look scenic and are sturdy to withstand the ravages of time. 

You can combine these with other vegetation types, for instance, the native grasses. It is a smart way to add more aesthetics and variety in the roof. The roof gardens are the most beautiful example of this, with bushes and green trees. Furthermore, the green roof irrigation requirements depend on the local climate and the plant type.

  1. A green roof is costly and complicated to maintain

Today, many people want to opt-in for green roofs, but they feel intimidated. There are various incorrect sources online that propagate wrong notions about green roofs, its construction, cost, upkeep, and maintenance. This makes people develop wrong assumptions, ideas, and they don’t know how to go about arranging this roof and benefit from it. First of all, it’s interesting to know green roofs are not costly, and neither is it complicated to maintain. It can become slightly challenging since it’s different than a traditional roof. However, it all starts by choosing the best team to work with. Selecting the apt roofing contractor is essential for long-term and short-term costs and benefits.

Homeowners can start by casually asking their architects about installing green roofs. The architect will provide valuable guidelines once he/she assesses the house and rough structure. After this, they can search for an expert green-roof professional in their locality. Environmental Protection Agency affirms green roof costs between $10 and $25 every square foot. However, this price is variable. And it depends if you prefer a reachable roof garden space or a remote sedum roof.

Also, warranties for the building products that get used in green roofs are the same as various other building products used in a house or corporate building. It is essential to install it based on the manufacturer’s guidelines by an expert professional. Additionally, the green roof installations must come along with a well-defined service contract to address the yearly maintenance requirements. The extent of this preservation will depend hugely on the way you wish to use the green roof. Hence, take some time and decide your green roof objective and the way you want to shape it. 

Do you wish to install a green roof? If yes, it is a smart call to get in touch with an ace service provider for guidance than giving into the false assumptions and myths. An ace service provider will help you understand your green-roof requirements better. 

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