Grey Wood Floors Explained

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Among the things you need to decide on when choosing a floor, is its color. This is crucial for the look of the room since a color creates different styles and atmospheres. A very trendy color for floors right now is grey. The success of grey floors is greatly due to Scandinavian style being a hit. Grey woods floors are also a great choice as they easily match any color and any style your furniture can have, whilst also giving a modern look to your place. If you are not totally convinced yet, here we explain to you some features grey floors have which will surely convince you.

Timeless Color

We said grey was trendy and modern, but this may make you wary since a floor is often a long term investment. However, despite its current popularity, grey is a timeless color which is great if you are looking for an ageless look that avoids you having to revamp your place constantly.

Matching it to your Home

Grey is a neutral color which means you can match it with pretty much everything. This gives you a lot of flexibility when decorating the rest of the room – you can put it with the furniture you have and new furniture is easily added to the design you already have. Having grey floors also allows you to update your home from time to time without needing a total revamp. Grey floors are usually paired with modern homes as grey matches nicely with contemporary interiors, but you can pair grey colors with any accent color or vintage furniture too. This will give a cozy atmosphere to your house.

Shades of Grey

Grey offers you lots of shades, which actually makes it even easier to match with your home. Those shades are as different as the styles they can give you. For example, a dark grey gives you a sophisticated look and works great with large rooms, while light greys are more suitable to small rooms since they make the place appear more spacious. A light grey gives a cooler look to your room that opens up the space. The great thing about grey shades is that they are very adaptable. So if you have a small room but still you want a dark grey for your floor, you can open up the room by contrasting the floor with lighter colors in your accessories and by using mirrors. A light grey floor for a large room can cause it to look cold, which you can remedy by contrasting it with the use of warmer undertones such as purple or bold colors such as red, which will also give you a classy and elegant room.

Grey is therefore a great choice for your floors. You are sure to be in trend while at the same time you don’t need to fear it becoming outdated. Grey colors are so popular that not only you can find them offered in wood floors but also in engineered wood flooring and even laminate flooring.

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