Ultimate Guide to Colorado Springs Rafting Adventures

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Forget the misconception that rafting in Colorado is only for thrill-seekers; the reality is something else! Plenty of gentle stretches are perfect for beginners or those seeking a mild adrenaline rush. Take the example of the majestic Royal Gorge, where the Arkansas River cuts through the foothills of the Southern Rocky Mountains before reaching the vast Great Plains. It is a stunning blend of geology and scenery, drawing visitors from all over to Colorado’s top recreational spot. If you are going with family or friends, here is a beginner-friendly guide to ensure your first Colorado Springs Raftingexperience stays comfortable.

An Extensive Guide to Rafting in Colorado Springs

Colorado’s River’s amazing journey starts at Rocky Mountain National Park. It flows gently from La Poudre Pass Lake, which is not far from Denver, Colorado. The water is clear and there are not many waves. It looks like a shallow stream winding its way through trees and bushes. If you are lucky, you might see some wild animals grazing on the banks such as deer, elk as well as moose.

These first few miles are perfect if you want to hike beside the creek or do some fly fishing in its cold waters. But how much do you know about rafting in Colorado Springs? There are lots of people who think that it’s only possible at certain times of the year or that you have to travel very far to do it there. This article covers all of the things you need to be aware of regarding white water rafting here – the best places to go (and when), what equipment is required as well as some top tips for first timers. Get ready to experience an adventure full of fun & adrenaline by visiting one of these prime locations on the Colorado River!

Best Places for Rafting

●      Arkansas River: Looking for rafting near Colorado Springs? Look no further than the Arkansas River, a top pick for rafting in the USA! It’s got options for everyone, from family-friendly floats to thrilling high-adventure rides. And if you are craving the ultimate whitewater experience, set your sights on the breathtaking Royal Gorge.

●      Gore Canyon: Head just west of Kremmling, Colorado, and you will find Gore Canyon, a wild stretch of river not for the faint of heart. Here, the river squeezes through rocky terrain, creating some of the most intense whitewater you will ever encounter. Outfitters who tackle this section don’t mess around. They have strict criteria for who can join their trips. You have to pass a swim test, follow instructions to the letter, and keep your cool under pressure. But if you are an adrenaline junkie, Gore Canyon promises an unforgettable rush.

●      Glenwood Canyon: The canyon’s towering walls squeeze the river and the interstate, creating a breathtaking sight. The engineering feat of the highway is impressive, with eastbound lanes extending over the river and westbound lanes suspended above them. The river twists and turns, offering kayakers and rafters some thrilling challenges. Three main sections stand out: Barrel Springs, Shoshone, and Grizzly Creek. Barrel Springs is less frequented due to fluctuating water levels, often too much or too little. But Shoshone and Grizzly Creek, spanning a delightful 6 miles, serve with a satisfying whitewater experience.

The Right Time for Rafting

When should the rapids for whitewater rafting near Colorado Springs be hit? Aim for May through September to have the best experience. The rapids’ intensity varies during this time, thanks to melting snow from the nearby mountains. As the snowmelt peaks, rivers rush faster in May and June, offering an exhilarating ride. By August and September, the flow slows down, providing a gentler journey. Your rafting outfitter can help you choose the perfect time based on your group’s skill levels and ages. Before you go, always check with your guide for the latest conditions and tips to make the most of your adventure.

What Clothing Do You Wear?

Dressing right can make all the difference for a fantastic Colorado Springs Rafting debut. In Colorado, ditch the cotton—it tends to stay wet and chilly. Opt for quick-drying materials or neoprene instead. No gear? No problem! You can choose wetsuits, river shoes, and splash jackets for rent. All professional rafting adventures come with top-notch gear, including a Type V Coast Guard-approved PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and a fitted helmet to keep you stylish and safe.


Many professional adventure organizations have licensed outfitters in Colorado, meeting and surpassing the state’s standards for professional outfitting. Colorado Springs Rafting with a licensed pro ensures you get the right pre-trip training and proper gear fitting, including helmets and life jackets. Plus, there are plenty of deals and coupons from local outfitters, making whitewater rafting near Colorado Springs even more budget-friendly. Whether a beginner or a seasoned rafter, an exciting journey awaits you with Colorado rafting outfitters.

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