Guide To Planting A Tree In Memory Of A Loved One

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When a loved one is lost, many emotions are involved. These can range from sadness, anxiety, loneliness to even possibly relief. Your loved one left you with many memories. They had an impact on the community and the lives around them. Planting a tree or memorial garden in honor of your loved one is a great tribute to their life.

There are countless options for honoring a loved one by planting a tree in their memory. To select the best memorial trees for your needs, several factors should be considered. But where do you start?

Pick the Location for the Tree

Probably the first thing to consider is where you will plant the tree. If this is a gift to a family who has lost a loved one, you may want to choose a location that has meaning to the family. You can also pick a location that needs trees anywhere around the world at the time for your gift. 

Consider helping the family plant the tree on their property if possible. The family can then watch the tree grow and remember the loved one daily. This can be a great help to the family in the healing process. If this is the preferred location, make sure you choose the correct tree for that spot. You want to keep in mind the size of the tree when it is mature to ensure it is in the best location.

You may want to consider a memorial garden at this time. This is a great addition to tree planting. A garden is a great way to help you or the grieving family start healing. It provides the perfect location for the grieving family to remember and honor their loved ones. 

Determine the Hardiness Zone for the Tree

There are many things to consider when thinking about the type of tree to plant. The first priority is determining the zone where you want to plant the tree. Trees are labeled based on their hardiness zone. Choosing the right tree for the correct hardiness zone is essential for the best results.

Decide on the Best Tree

The easy choice would be to pick your loved one’s favorite tree. However, maybe that is not an option. You can choose a tree by color, focusing on your loved one’s favorite. Or you can choose a tree that has a symbolic meaning for your circumstance. For example, maybe your loved one was full of wisdom. In that case, the hazelnut tree might be the right choice for you. Perhaps you want to focus on sturdiness, courage, and strength. Then, the oak tree would be the best option. There are so many options that you can focus on to help pick the tree that best matches your loved one’s characteristics.

Plant Your Tree

You chose the perfect tree to memorialize your loved one. It is time to plant your tree in the location you have chosen. The best time to plant is in the spring and fall seasons when the weather is not too extreme. This will provide the tree with enough time to prepare itself for those different intense weather conditions. There may be some leeway here if your area does not have extremes in weather.

The next step in the planning process is to find the exact location for the tree on the property you have chosen. The hole you dig needs to be twice as wide as the ball of roots and a foot deeper. Now that you have dug your hole, break up the soil around the edges and place it in the hole gently. Ensure the tree is straight, and then begin to refill the hole with the dirt.

Water the tree thoroughly. This will help the dirt around the hole to settle. Add approximately two to four inches of mulch around the tree. This will help keep the moisture in and will keep weeds from growing. Finally, make sure you fertilize your tree every spring for the first few years. After that, you can fertilize every couple of years.

Planting a tree in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to honor your loved one. It can also help with your grieving process and give you a place to remember your loved one. You can watch the tree grow, and it will survive for generations to come.

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