Guidelines When Buying Real Human Hair Wigs

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There are different kinds of wigs available in the market today, synthetic wigs, real human hair wigs and combination of both. Although real hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic, it is still the most popular choice because of its versatility. You can style it anyway you want, beachy waves, curls, bun, or ponytail. Having it on is almost the same as having your own hair. To add, this kind of wig lasts a lot longer than synthetic or combination of both.

Guidelines When Buying Real Human Hair Wigs

And because they are a bit pricey, it is only right that you take your time to ensure you are buying the right one. To help you further, below are helpful guidelines you can use to ensure you will not regret buying a real human hair wig.

  • Wig that would flatter shape of the wearer’s face

The wig to choose should flatter the shape of the wearer’s face – round, heart shaped, oval and square.

  • Round face: Spiky, short pixie wig, or longer layer wig hitting the jawline (not above the jaw) would be best for round faced people
  • Heart shaped face: A shorter pixie cut which the wearer can tousle and has good texture, or a wig that is shoulder length and side swept bangs or longer layers with an edging of bangs
  • Oval shaped face: Shaggy bob for short hair options and layered waves or curls for long hair options. Wig should hold good amount of volume to make the face look fuller
  • Square shaped face: The goal is to soften the wearer’s jawline so the perfect wig to choose are long, angle bob, or shoulder length with soft layers style.
  • Wig should complement the wearer’s skin tone

Choosing the right color of wig is important when buying human hair wigs. There are many wig colors one can check in a wig shop, hence having a preferred color of wig before getting in to the shop is recommended.

Basically, there are 3 categories of skin tones types – cool, warm and neutral.

  • For warm skin tone, choosing chestnut brown, copper colored  red, ebony black-brown shade and honey blondes are ideal
  • For cool skin tone, options are inky, raven black, auburn red, ash brown, and  platinum blonde
  • For neutral skin tone, since those with this kind of skin tone do not have an obvious/evident undertone (neither pink or yellow), almost all hair colors suit them

If you are not sure on which of the wide array of wigs to choose from, it is highly encouraged that you ask the experts. The experts can assess your face shape and skin tone right, so you are guaranteed that their recommendation is the best wig for you to wear, remember real hair wigs are expensive and taking chances is definitely not an option to make.

Finally, after figuring out the best wig to wear, based on the shape of your face and skin tone, wear it and see for yourself whether it perfectly suits you or you need to find something else.

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