Handle With Care: How to Protect Your Furniture During Relocation

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You probably have been spending some time trying to find the right house for you and your family. However, regardless of the joy relocating may bring, transporting your furniture may cause you a great deal of stress.

Whether you are doing the job yourself or hiring professional moving services, you want to ensure that your valuables are handled with care during the moving process. We will help you with a few tips and tricks you can do on your own to prevent anything from destroying your furniture.

Prepare Packing Supplies

You need more than cardboard boxes and tape to protect your items. Head to your nearest hardware store, and gather the following:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Plastic Bags
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets

Cleaning and Dusting

Make sure to clean your furniture prior to packing. Dust and debris may cause undesired scratches and nicks on furniture surfaces.

Disassemble Ahead

Dismantle what you can in advance. Start by removing the legs of tables and couches, as well as, glass tabletops. During disassembly, gather all screws and bolts and carefully place them in labeled plastic bags to ensure that they don’t get lost during moving.  

Disassembling your furniture helps avoid protruding parts from breaking or scratching your new walls. Reviews at bybespoek.com/acrylic-chairs claim that most acrylic furniture is easier to move since they are lightweight and don’t require disassembly. Make sure to wrap them up in bubble wrap to ensure they don’t nick any new walls or get any scratches on the chairs themselves. Acyclic chairs and tables happen to be less bulky and easier to move around, this marks one hassle-free job off your list.

Wrap, Wrap, Wrap!

The magic keyword is wrapping all your valuables, whether small items or bulky furniture. Bubble wrap is typically used to protect valuable small items and wooden furniture pieces. Use it in more than one layer for optimal protection.

Bulkier furniture is usually wrapped in moving blankets and plastic stretch wrap. Wrapping is a crucial step when it comes to relocating since it cushions and protects all furniture from any possible damage. 

Rent a Moving Truck

Don’t move bulky furniture on your own. Moving trucks can carry all your heavy and bulky items at once. Make sure to have a proper placement plan for furniture inside the truck. Placing items strategically gives more space for extra item placement, as well as protects items from falling on top of each other causing damage. 

Clear Doorways and Reassembly.

To ensure that your furniture makes it safe in and out of your home, open the doors as widely as possible. After placing the furniture in the new place, it is recommended that you unwrap it and clean it again prior to reassembly. 


As interesting and exciting as moving to a new home sounds it tends to be a stressful and anxious time for homeowners. You surely want your new place to look perfect and are probably worried about how your furniture will make it there intact. Organizing the perfect moving plan ensures that all your pieces make it safely and damage-free. Make sure to gather all your packing supplies and disassemble furniture ahead. And remember wrapping in layers is the key to protecting furniture. 

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