Handy Tips For Buying the Fitted Sheets

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Some people use fitted sheets as a bottom layer of bedding that helps them to keep the duvet covers clean, while others do not understand their importance which may cause confusion when buying for fitted sheets. According to the traditional European style bedding, a duvet and the fitted bottom sheet is necessary for comfortable bedding, while American style bedding has a flat top sheet in between them. A fitted sheet has a root’s design at the four bottom corners that help to hold it in place. A fold near the bottom end helps to provide more foot room. Fitted sheets have elastic corners that are easy to stretch and pull over the mattress for keeping it clean and secure.  fitted sheets are supposed to be laid under the top sheet, the purpose of fitted sheet is to cover the mattress & prevent it from slipping & getting dirty. Fitted sheets help to make the bed soft, smooth and comfortable enough for a good sleep.

Design and color of fitted sheets:

 fitted sheets are used to protect the mattress & most of the people like them to buy in white as it matches easily with any bedding set, but there are a variety of fitted sheets with solid colors. You can buy fitted sheets in black, beige, maroon, red, green and violet color too. The fitted sheets can be plain, textured, pattern and double tone. If you have a textured or floral printed fitted sheet you can use them as the top sheet too with a duvet and pillows for the perfect bedding look. You can use a plain color fitted sheet and then add a plain or textured top sheet and duvet to make the room look perfect. 

The material of fitted sheets:

Mostly the fitted sheets are made of cotton material because it helps them to stick to the mattress and it prevents them from slipping. Fitted sheets can also be of polyester and these polyesters fitted sheets are widely used nowadays. Other common fibers used may include linen, mold, and polypropylene. Polypropylene is hypoallergenic and is suitable for asthma and respiratory patients.

Buy the matching size fitted sheets:

Fitted sheets are of different sizes. These sheets are available in all sizes which include single, double and king-sized. Go for a fitted sheet that matches your measured size. If you have a double bed and you buy a king-size sheet, it will not fit properly over the mattress and will look rough and ugly. to avoid this, always buy the sheet that fits well to your double mattress and looks as if it is tightly grabbing the mattress. Similarly, you cannot go for a double fitted sheet for a single bed, every mattress varies in size and the matching size fits only. mattress sheets. 

Cleaning the fitted sheets:

Cleaning the fitted sheet in a right and suitable is also important. There are a number of ways for cleaning the fitted sheets, you can wash them in the washing machine, or you can hand wash them too. Before cleaning the sheets it is necessary to read all instructions carefully written on the label in order to protect the fabric from damage. Wash your fitted sheets before the first use, they become better and soft after the wash. To achieve the deepest clean, toss the fitted sheets in the machine on the normal cycle in warm or cold water. If your whites are starting to yellow, soak them in the bleach you can use oxygen bleach and then wash them in the hot water. If your sheet is not cleaned yet or it still looks yellowish then repeat the process again for a few times so that you can get the color back. If you have stain on your fitted sheet then pick that piece of the sheet and dip it in hot water then apply detergent on that area and gently rub that with your hand for few minutes then rinse it with the clean hot water and then wash the entire sheet if you want and place them in airy place to let them dry.

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