Having It All – And Then Some: Tips For Entrepreneur Moms

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In 2019, the term Mompreneur was big news – and 2020 is set to be no different.  Gone are the days when women were forced to choose between motherhood and a career – or settling for an unchallenging part-time job once the little ones arrive.  These days, more and more moms are looking to combine parenthood with the challenge of setting up a new business.  Although this can be a very exciting venture, it can also be a stressful one.  The following is our guide to help mompreneurs get the balance right and have it all!

Use your passion

It’s sometimes tempting to jump onto the latest bandwagon when looking to start a new business.  Don’t.  The key to a successful venture is to do what you love – a new business will almost certainly involve long hours and a fair few frustrations.  All of this is so much easier to deal with if you have a real passion for what you’re doing; whether its embracing the outdoors with landscape gardening or creating a new app.

Time management is everything

Nothing sucks hours of the day like starting – and running – a new business.  Add to that the time-related challenges and life can become overwhelming.  Keep a strict diary and be realistic when planning your days.  Divide your day into chunks devoted to business and to parenting and, make sure that you allocate one hour per day to catch up on missed tasks – or to just take a breath.  

Delegate, delegate, delegate

When working for yourself and taking care of children, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have to do everything yourself.  Where possible, delegate tasks to a partner or employee.  As children grow older, you can even get them involved with simple tasks and projects; simultaneously teaching them life skills whilst lightening your load.

Recharge and reload

There’s no denying that running a business and raising children will take up a huge amount of your time and energy, however, do remember to take regular breaks.  Whether its a night away or just a coffee with a friend, taking a little time out will help you to recharge your batteries and give your children and your business your best.

Build your network

So, you’re constantly on the go, chasing up leads and lost football kit – guess what?  You’re not alone!  There are tons of women out there who, just like you, are committed to having it all.  That means lots of opportunities for networking.  Take advantage of these opportunities by joining forums and groups and looking up networking events in your area.  Not only might you bag some valuable business contacts but, you’ll also gain a support network which is beyond price.

When it comes to juggling motherhood with a new business, it’s all about planning, time management and support.  Take a look around you to find new ways of delegating and new avenues of support; including checking out all the tools offered by technology to help you on your way.

By Ben of https://www.ultimatebanners.co the outdoor banner stand printer based in Birmingham, UK.

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