Health Conditions To Watch For As You Age

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A healthy lifestyle reduces your vulnerability to a multitude of diseases and allows the mind and body to function properly and to the best of its capability. As you age, your body changes, so it is increasingly important to maintain your health to protect yourself from many age-related conditions. Luckily, it is not too difficult to prevent yourself from becoming a victim to one of these many conditions.

Health Conditions To Watch For As You Age | Optimistic Mommy

Your body grows increasingly sensitive as you grow older, so exercising regularly and maintaining a balanced diet are important to protecting your body. Your eyes and bones are prone to change with age, and knowing this, you can incorporate foods known to support and strengthen both into your diet. Many do not take great care of their eyes because they don’t know how to do so; however, it is quite simple. Make a point of arranging eye exams regularly and always carry a pair of sunglasses so that you don’t expose your eyes to too much bright sun. Lastly, when looking at the TV or computer for long durations, look away for a brief moment to give your eyes a break.

Sight problems are some of the most common conditions experienced in one’s later years and can come in many forms. AMD, or Age-Related Macular Degeneration, occurs when the tissue lining one’s retina becomes damaged. This increases the difficulty of participating in tasks that require central vision such as reading and writing, although peripheral vision can be maintained. Glaucoma, another age-related eye condition, is the result of increased fluid pressure in the eye. When untreated, glaucoma can contribute to the loss of both peripheral and/or central vision. It is often compared to cataracts, or a clouding of the eye’s lens that restricts vision. Eating foods that help to improve sight, such as carrots and leafy greens, can help to prevent such diseases. Both glaucoma and cataracts can, and sometimes need to, be treated with laser eye surgery. Many health centers offer laser eye procedures, including the Wolfe Eye Clinic, which can be found in multiple locations.

Another condition that comes with age is frequent constipation. Frequent constipation can be a result or sign of dehydration, a lack of physical activity or even a lack of fiber in one’s diet. It is understood that an inability to let go of natural waste is dangerous to your body, and incorporating fiber-enriched foods into your diet is an instant way to prevent this from occurring. Drinking lots of water and natural juices with electrolytes and working out regularly can also save you from painful and disappointing trips to the bathroom.

Good health is essential to a great life. It increases your physical ability, mental stability and strength. It isn’t hard to maintain good health, but it is hard to maintain a good life without it. Paying a little extra attention to your health is guaranteed to have a beneficial payoff in the end.

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