Healthy Food Can be Delicious: Recipes That Prove it

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A vegetable salad.

Most of us are used to eating without thinking. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are rituals that accompany us since childhood, and very often we repeat the eating habits that were adopted in the parental family and eat automatically. In addition, the pace of life that has accelerated in recent decades leaves less and less time to pay attention to nutrition: we often eat on the go, run into fast food, have a snack at work, swallow breakfast while reading the news, and dinner while watching TV. And this is not very useful, below we will talk not only about useful but also tasty. Main dishes recipes are always in demand, in turn, there are a lot of people who like to experiment.

Cauliflower Curry Soup

When it comes to curry, pictures of the famous Indian dish with chicken pieces pop up in memory. But with this seasoning, you can cook soup. The base will be cauliflower and celery root. You can easily replace the second ingredient with potatoes. Adjust the spiciness of the dish to your liking.

Shrimp Burgers

We have told you several times how to cook classic burgers. And now we are sharing the original shrimp appetizer recipe from Yulia Vysotskaya. If you like spicy, Tabasco sauce or chili peppers will be very appropriate here! You can form cutlets, roll them in breadcrumbs and leave in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight – they will turn out even juicier and tastier.

Green smoothie with kiwi and mint

Don’t look at it as a drink. Thanks to the banana and dates, it is so satisfying that it can become a full breakfast (or afternoon snack if you eat more than three times a day).

Kiwi – the second ingredient of this drink – is indispensable in the cold season (and it has clearly dragged on with us). This fruit is rich in vitamin C and contains a large amount of organic acids that help the body resist various infections and make it easier to endure colds and flu.

Baked fish in foil with vegetables

The ease of preparation, few ingredients, and the preservation of all the goodness and nutrients are what make this dish perfect for incorporating into your diet.

The basis of the dish is made up of two cereals – quinoa and oatmeal. The benefits of oatmeal are undeniable: it contains a large amount of fiber and important components such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and zinc. Also, oats normalize the work of the intestines and envelop the stomach. A healthy gastrointestinal tract is the basis of beauty and well-being. Quinoa is known for being gluten-free and has a low glycemic index. Also, this cereal is rich in fiber and protein.

Fish is a source of easily digestible protein, trace elements and vitamins. The most valuable thing in fish is fat, which consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) and is completely absorbed by the body. This recipe uses white fish, but you can also use red fish if you wish (the instructions for cooking will be the same).

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