10 Healthy Tips for Raising Independent Children

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Parenting is one of the most difficult works on the planet. Being a good parent is not easy. But what makes a good parent? How can you define a good parent? Is it a parent who never scolds or punishes his or her child? Or, is it a parent who spends lots of time with his or her children?

Good parenting involves a lot of critical aspects such as decision making, patience, love, and honesty to name a few. Being a good parent doesn’t involve perfectionism. It’s all about setting high standards for you and your children.

Remember, your children are always looking at you. You are their role model. They see through you and remember everything you do. Therefore, it’s always important to walk your talk as much as you can to avoid being a bad example. Today, we are going to discuss ten practical tips that will help you raise happy, responsible and independent children. Let’s get started!

  1. Be a good role model

As we said earlier, your children always look up to you. They won’t do what you tell them to do but what they see you doing. Human beings are social creatures. And they learn through imitation. Our minds are programmed to copy what others are doing to understand them. 

According to the thesis writer, children always know when you’re lying to them even if they don’t show it. As a parent, you should aim to be the person that you’d like your child to be. Listen to them, encourage them with your words and behavior. And your child will follow your footsteps. Whenever you fail to walk your talk, be honest with them.

  1. Encourage them to do tasks without help

Give your child the freedom to perform different tasks at home without having to help him or her. For instance, let your child play alone with his or her neighborhood friends outside or ride his or her bike by himself or herself. Show them how to act in different situations such as how to talk to strangers or how to cross a busy street.

Some parents never give their children space or the freedom to learn things on their own. Such behaviors are not manifestations of love but fear. Trust your child to do the right thing independently. They will make lots of mistakes along the way. Ultimately they’ll learn and love you more.

  1. Let your child solve his or her conflicts

Being there to protect and support your child during a conflict or argument whether at school or on the playground is important. However, it’s also important to teach him or her how to handle conflicts on his or her own. When you do this, you’ll help them learn how to deal with their emotions and move on. The ability to get along with others without external support is critical for his or her success.

  1. Teach your child how to manage money

As write my research paper reports, financial lessons should begin at an early age. You can purchase a piggy bank and show them how to save and spend their money. Guide them through the process but let them decide how they want to use their money. If your child is already attending school, give him or her a chance to manage a weekend trip or short vacation. Let him or her know that spending all the money will mean no breakfast or dinner for everyone. Such lessons are vital for every child.

  1. Reflect on your own childhood

Many of us want to do things differently from our parents. Even those who didn’t have lots of major problems growing up may want to change a few aspects. However, most parents behave just like their parents when interacting with their kids.

It’s important to reflect on your childhood to understand what your child is going through. Keep in mind some of the things that you’ll change and don’t give up. It takes a lot of time and energy to change what you’ve been conditioned to do consciously and unconsciously.

  1. Your well-being matters

As the popular saying goes, you cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot love others if you don’t love yourself. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to your own well-being.

According to the assignment help, the outer world will always reflect your inner world. Spending some time alone or with your spouse will help you solve your problems so that you can easily pay attention to your child. One of the best ways to enhance your sense of well-being is through meditation, journaling, talking to someone, and exercising regularly to name a few.

  1. Do not spank your child

Children will misbehave every day. They’ll do the opposite of what you’ve taught them to prove things. While spanking will help you feel relieved, it’s not a good solution in the long run. Your child will end up fearing external consequences or worse, fearing you. Instead of your child doing the right things, he or she will be motivated to avoid getting caught.

Research by assignment writing service shows that children who are spanked or hit are more likely to be aggressive with other children and violent adults. There are other better alternatives to discipline your child. To avoid spanking your child, give yourself a few minutes to relax before talking to your child.

  1. Keep things in perspective

Your goal as a parent should be to raise happy, independent, and responsible children. Children come through you; not from you. Children are a gift; not your property. Therefore, it’s important to keep your goal at the back of your mind to avoid losing track. 

Do not force your children to do what they don’t want even if it’s for their own good. Encourage and support them whenever you can. If you don’t agree with them, do your research and figure out why they do what they do. You’ll always find answers if you are willing to look for them.

  1. Be honest with them

Once your child reaches an appropriate age, you need to inform them of any health or any other important issue that they have to live with. Do not wait until they’ve grown big to inform them because this may lead to anger and mistrust. Be as honest as you can. If you don’t have enough money to take them where they want, tell them openly. When it comes to honesty, timing is everything.

  1. Let them fail

There is nothing you can do about this. According to college paper, you have to let your child fail. Instead of judging them for failing, be there to support and encourage them. Let them know that failing is part of life. And they will fail in almost everything before they succeed. Give them the confidence to try new things and follow their dreams.


Parenting is one of the hardest and rewarding tasks on the planet. The rewards will only come if you put in the work. If you do your best today, things will work out for you. Don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology today, you can access any parenting material you need to help you raise happy, responsible, and independent children.   


Scott Matthews is an experienced editor and writer at assignment writing help, dissertation service, and essay papers. He loves helping parents and children all over the world to unlock their potential. During his leisure time, he travels with his colleagues or plays with his toddlers.

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