11 Heart-Healthy Foods to Fuel Your Cardiac Diet

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When you are watching what you eat, times are tough already. When the need to watch what you eat extends to your health? You don’t need any excess stress, mucking up your diet. To that end, we put together this list of heart-friendly foods to help set you on the right path – and keep you there.

Try These 11 Foods for a Healthy Heart!

Which are the eleven best foods to fuel a cardiac diet? Let’s find out!

1 – Olive Oil

There is a reason that those on a Mediterranean diet often live longer. It is to do with heart health, olives, and olive oil. Making one simple switch in your cooking oil can form the basis of a hundred healthier meals. 

2 – Oily Fish

High in Vitamin E and therefore beneficial for your body, oily fish helps to feed your brain… and your heart. Add plenty of oily fish to your diet, or supplement it with something like Kyani (www.kyaniteamgenesis.com.au) for best results.

3 – Fresh Vegetables

Another reason that the Mediterranean diet is so long-lived is the number of fresh vegetables they put on their plates. From juicy tomatoes to luscious red peppers – the Europeans living on the continent have the healthiest of diets.

4 – Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables – and even fruits – are the best for your heart. They increase production of Iron which is needed to produce red blood cells. It also helps keep the heart pumping at a healthy rate – and full of oxygen, too!

5 – Grains

Whole grains, and fortified ones such as that found in cereals, are rich in the minerals you need to keep building new cells. Producing new DNA is an essential way we can keep blood pumping and make for a healthier heart. Grains stop your body from ingesting bad cholesterol.

6 – Nuts

Another rich, natural source of minerals are nuts. They are also high in protein and fats, so you have to limit your intake. A handful of peanuts contains all sorts of beneficial minerals necessary for the optimum functioning of your body… and your heart.

6 – Berries

Raspberries, strawberries – and particularly blueberries, are full of anti-oxidants. These stop your body absorbing damaging things and protect you from free-radicals. When you eat berries you are giving yourself a detox… so eat plenty!

7 – Beans

Any type of legume – that’s things like beans and peas, is naturally resistant to being digested. This means that it hits your stomach and ferments a little, resonating with the ‘good bacteria’ of your body.

8 – Seeds

Seeds contain all the ingredients necessary to promote a healthy new life. Take advantage of this and eat them regularly for a healthy cardiac diet

9 – Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids which have shown to boost heart health in a similar way to those you find in red wine. We’re not saying it’s great for you, but it is certainly better than other alcohols and sweet treats.

10 – Low fat Yoghurt

Again, this will stimulate the healthy bacteria in your gut. There is a proven link between heart health and what you eat, so probiotic yoghurt that isn’t too high in fat can really help.

11 – Chickpeas

In the same way that beans are good for you, chickpeas are a great source of fibre, protein, and heart health! Use them to make foods like curry go farther, while simultaneously boosting your bodies well-being.

So eat right and develop good habits for a brilliant cardiac diet!

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