Heartfelt Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms

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If your mom likes to spend lots of time outdoors, then you probably don’t want to get her jewelry or flowers as a gift. But, getting her outdoors equipment might make you feel like you aren’t getting her something heartfelt. Not to worry! There are lots of gifts you can get for your outdoorsy mom that still feel heartfelt — here are the best!

  1. A garden sign. She can welcome everyone to her garden oasis with a unique garden sign! The best part about garden signs is that you can switch them out for every season or event. Whether it’s your birthday, a holiday or even a sporting event, a garden sign is the perfect way to welcome guests and is a great gift for Mom. She can hang a garden flag in her backyard and then get a wall sign for the front siding of her home. Perfect for summer, too!
  1. A set of camping chairs. Camping chairs can last for years if you take care of them. Upgrade Mom’s current set of camping chairs with new ones that match her personality, have her initials on them or even feature some cool tech such as better cup holders or even side pockets for phones. Camp chairs these days are a bit lighter than in years past, so they’ll be easier for her to lug around with all her other camping gear. Why not make Mom’s life easier by getting her some upgraded camping chairs?
  1. A gardening set. Your outdoorsy mom can never have enough gardening tools. Gardening is great for your health, so even if Mom doesn’t garden often, what better way to encourage her than to get her some gardening tools? A bucket hat, thick gloves, a shovel, a pair of shears and some seeds are a good basic set to get her started. If she’s already a gardening pro, consider getting her some more advanced tools that she can use to make her gardening experience more efficient. 
  1. A hammock. A hammock is great for the outdoorsy mom. She can set it up right on her back porch or in her garden oasis for a relaxing place to read or nap during the day. An egg chair is a great alternative to a hammock if she’s worried about getting in and out of the hammock. If Mom likes to camp and hike, a lightweight, portable hammock is the way to go — she can set it up anywhere that she deems stable enough for it. 
  1. A smartwatch. Smartwatches do a lot these days. She can track her water intake and miles she’s hiked and even use it as an emergency beacon if absolutely necessary. She’ll love getting to use her smartwatch for more than counting steps and sending text messages. She can track her heart rate and ensure that she stays safe while enjoying her favorite outdoor activities. 
  1. An antique bicycle. If your mom loves to spend the summers outside biking, why not get her a retro banana bicycle? It’ll be a blast from the past, but she’s sure to love it. You can either restore one yourself or get one from someone who’s done the restoration already — try to find one in a classic color, such as bright blue or yellow, to really drive home the feel. She’ll love getting to cruise around from time to time on her antique bicycle!
  1. A weekend at her favorite camping site. Give her the gift of camping with this one! Reserve a camping spot on her behalf, pay for her permits and reservation fees, and offer to cover the cost of a rental car in order to ensure she has the most seamless experience. The goal is to make it so that she only has to focus on spending time doing what she loves, not worrying about all the other stuff. Your mom will love it!
  1. A monogrammed beach tote. Not all outdoorsy moms go hiking in the mountains — others prefer to spend time in the sand or by the pool. A monogrammed beach tote is the perfect summer gift for your mom if she fits this bill! Make sure to find one that zips and has a lot of pockets. Take it a step further and fill her new beach tote with smaller items — beach towel, flip flops, reusable snack containers, a water bottle — it can become its own gift basket! Your mom will love it. 
  1. Decor for her garden. Your mom’s garden deserves to be beautiful! Give her a set of personalized garden stones, some glass globe lights or even some decorative planters for her to use to spruce up her garden area. If you’d really like to go the extra mile, replace her current patio furniture or switch out some of the accent items, such as pillows or cushions. Throw her a garden party by having her close friends and family over to enjoy her freshly decorated space!
  1. An upgraded day pack. If your mom’s day pack is in need of some upgrading, consider getting her a new day pack to use! Find one with enough pockets for all her important items, and stock it full of protein snacks and bottles of water so that she doesn’t have to worry about it. The best day packs have lots of clips and straps for her to use as she sees fit, whether to carry her sleeping bag, tent or even her portable hammock. She’ll be so thankful for your thoughtfulness. 
  1. A trip to her favorite local outdoorsy store. Spare no expense here — let Mom browse through her favorite outdoorsy store and pick out a few items that she’d like to add to her collections. Whether it’s gardening items, stuff for the pool or even decor around the house, she’ll love that you’re letting her pick out items she loves. Plus, she’ll get to spend more quality time with you, browsing around the store. Much better than just giving her a gift card!

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