Help! My Toddler Tried To Climb Over My Balcony Railing!

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It is a task to be a parent, significantly when your child is at that age when he/she cannot differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Children’s heads stuck in staircases or balcony railing is a common sight on screen, but if one has to face it in real time in life, it becomes too tedious to handle. Making your balcony safe for kids is the first thing you should keep in mind as a responsible parent. During thorough research, it was discovered every year; the mortality rate is 140 due to falling from a balcony in the United States of America. 

Why are balconies dangerous when it is an escape to get fresh air in the house?

It is too dangerous as children fail to realize what harm height can do to them. It is the most adventurous thing to them, and almost all of them love to put their heads and limbs on the rails. So you too are concerned as a parent, then these remedies are compulsory for you to increase the safety and protection of your beloved child. 

Balconies are dangerous for children as they’re high off the ground, and children don’t understand that danger. Children loves to climb railings, and sticking their head and limbs through the rails is no less than an adventure to them, it seems. If you have young children, invest in these ways to improve high-rise balcony safety and protect your children.

Placing the glass and cable railing

Redecoration is the best practice to your old railing pattern for ensuring the safety of your child. There are several online organizations that are coming up with preventive measures where fencing or tapping the railing to fill the significant vertical gaps in the fence. 

You may think it is simple to do, and you can do it easily but the fact is you may end up looking it messy and the safety protocols may not be maintained. If, after doing it on your own, still your child manages to take out his head, then it get worse. Installing the right cable railing is the ideal suggestion here. 

It is safer as the cables employed here are placed horizontally, and children cannot put their heads by any means through these rails. The cable rail system used here is closely packed so that the child cannot put his head through it. 

Glass railing is the safest precautionary measure to be employed as children will not get an opportunity to take out their heads by any means. It is safe, but you need to do some other things as well. 

Some safest protocols

Children love to do those things for which their parents try to stop them. Parents have to play smart here. The first and foremost step should be to place a small spike strip on the top area of the rail. Make sure these spikes are not sharp as they may puncture their skin but ensure it makes them uncomfortable enough that they should try to put their weight on it. 

There are some specially designed products to complete the task, like the invisible spikes strip that never ruins the beautiful look of the best part of your house- your balcony.

Apart from safety, there are some more precautions you need to take as a parent while your child is in the balcony. 

Furniture– furniture should never be kept beside the railing as children may use it to track the route to the barrier and fall off. 

Small things– make sure to check what your children are playing with while they are on the balcony. Generally, when they tend to throw the stuff through the balcony. If they are small enough to cross the rails, it will develop an urge in the kids to bring it back, and unknowingly they will end up inviting danger.

Supervision– if you are not near your kid, never allow them to go to the balcony alone. Keep the door locked. 

Wrapping up

After following all these measures, your child is undoubtedly in a safer hand. Install them today to keep your child safe even when they are on the balcony! Let them enjoy the sunshine without troubling about the dark shadows a balcony may bring!

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