Helpful Tips and Tricks All Cat Owners Should Know

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For both first time cat owners, and seasonal feline fanatics, bringing home a new kitty is a major decision. It’s generally thought that cats are a lot more independent than their canine counterparts; however, it is important to remember that they are still pets. Therefore, they still require a lot of your commitment, particularly your time, effort, and money. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that all cat owners should know before they invest in an adorable new kitten. 

Choose a Good Veterinarian 

Finding a great veterinarian for your new feline friend is one of the first things that most cat owners do. However, many rush into the decision. Instead, ask your other cat-owning friends for their local vet recommendations or check vet directory sites online. This will stop you from making an impulse decision and sign up for a vet that might miss something crucial about the health of your cat later down the line.

Don’t Declaw Unless Necessary

Since some vets ask owners if they want their cats declawed when they come in to be spayed or neutered, many think that this is a routine part of cat ownership. However, declawing is banned in many U.S states since it is considered not only inhumane, but also unnecessary. As a cat owner, it’s up to you to know where you stand on this issue so that you are able to make an informed decision when you are asked about this process.

Get Good Grooming Tools

When you bring your new cat home, you’re going to start to see cat hair everywhere. Invest in reliable tools to make grooming your new friend easier. Remember, all cats need grooming to some extent, so it’s better to buy good tools since you’ll be using them every week!

Invest in a Cat Water Fountain 

Constantly refilling your cat’s water dish can be tiring. Instead, invest in a cat water fountain which provides fresh, clean water for your cat which is constantly flowing. Additionally, a cat water fountain will entice your pet to drink more and ensures that they never have to take in stale water. Research the best cat water fountain online so that you can choose the best one for your new feline friend.

Serve a Set Menu 

Cats won’t stop eating when they’re full, and many cat owners feel pressured to feed their cats on demand. Work with your veterinarian to determine set meal portions and times, rather than leaving a full bowl of food for your cat to graze on. If you want to make their dinner more interactive, you can make your own DIY food puzzle, which lets your kitty work for their food as they would do in the wild. 

When it comes to bringing home a new feline addition to the family, there are a few helpful tips and tricks that you can do to ensure your new cat lives the happiest and healthiest life in its new home.

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