Here Is How You Can Keep Your Baby Jewelry Safe During Travel

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Attending marriages and other auspicious ceremonial events of our loved ones means wearing jewelry matched with the right attire. 

Usually, packing jewelry in the right way is what most people struggle with while traveling for such occasions. Likewise, it is even more challenging to move baby jewelry pieces without losing them since they are smaller and more delicately designed.

Organising your toddler’s jewelry thus requires patience and a bit of planning around.

To help you, we try suggesting some smarter ways of handling and packing the jewelry for your infant girl.

How to carry your baby’s jewelry?

Not all can always arrange for ornate jewelry boxes to carry your baby girl’s jewelry, which is the most suggested way for sure. However, some smarter ways too can help you as much as any jewelry box, like the ones mentioned below;

–    Pack them in your baby’s towel

Is the wedding just a day after? Well, then you don’t have enough time to organise your & your baby’s jewelry pieces. 

Therefore, the best way to pack them is to spread the chosen baby jewelry pieces on your baby’s towel, sealing them by wrapping or tying the towel’s ends. 

But if you do not want to mix them up, you could also use sellotape to paste them on the towel before wrapping it up.

–    Wrap them in juice straws

Another inexpensive jewelry packing technique is to use juice straws for your newborn’s jewelry.

  • Pin the earrings to the straw
  • Pass the necklaces, armlets, bracelets, anklets and chains through the straw clasping them together.
  • Slip the rings into the straw and tie the straw into a knot.

–    Use the talcum powder bottle or cases to stow them safely

This technique is for those who cannot spare more than an hour in packing up stuff even though they are heading for a wedding.

The easiest option to pack your baby’s jewelry is by opening up your baby’s talcum powder bottle or case and stashing them in it. 

–    Plastic bags can do justice to your babies’ jewelry

Similarly, those who do not have time can also resort to zip lock polythene bags.

–    Sealable snack bowls

If you’re not able to open up the talcum powder bottle and don’t have zip lock bags at home, try putting your baby’s jewelry in a snack bowl, sealing them off with thin cellophane papers at the last minute.

–    Watch cases

Did you fail to find even snack bowls? Why don’t you go for watch or spectacle cases? Every home either has one.

–    Sealable waxy toys

If you have none of the above items, instead, cut open a soft toy and seal it back after putting all your baby’s jewelry inside.


Through this article, we have tried making you understand that anything can become a jewelry case, given it can suffice the three most important needs of storing your baby’s jewelry.

– It has enough space to hold them

– It can be sealed off in some or the other way

– If it has compartments it is better, even though the third point in times of hurry is not mandatory at all.

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