Here�re Some Amazing Methods To Clean The Rusty Grill Grates!

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Rust formation on the grates of the grill can really be extremely annoying, particularly when you are excited to get cooking. Fortunately, it is simple to utilize products you almost certainly already have at home for removing it, like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, or salt. Over time, even the best gas grills can get some rust on the grates or build-up of your favorite meat church rubs. The commercial rust remover is the other option available to clean corrosion from the dirty grates of your grill, which’s broadly accessible at the majority of retail shops. Once it’s gone, be certain to take some proper precautions to prevent it from returning on the grates of the grill. But first, let’s check out how to clean rusty grill grates yourself if you don’t want to call a professional in.

How To Clean Rusty Grill Grates?

The rusty grill grates do not appear enticing. It is also unsafe for your meal preparation as rust will reason contamination on the corroded grates of your grill. If you desire to enjoy the grill all year round, you need to make sure that you are maintaining the grates of your grill really well after each cooking session. Acquainting how you can clean the rusty grill grates is simple with the techniques mentioned here. 

To clean the corroded grill grates, you require the correct materials. Utilizing extremely abrasive substances might damage your grate or even contaminate the grates of the grill along the way. So, to save you from any hassle, we have discussed the top methods to clean the grill grates below. 

Clean Rust From The Grates Of Your Grill Using Some Baking Soda:

  • Use A Grill Brush For Scrubbing Your Grill Grates:

Before beginning the routine to clean the corroded grates of your grill, make use of the grill brush for scrubbing any residue from the grates of your grill. A good brush has some wire bristles that’ll clean off any burnt food and some rust as well. For getting off more remains, preheat your grill for fifteen minutes before scrubbing. It’ll loosen the leftover grease and food and make it simpler to clean. Turning the grates of your grill and then beginning scrubbing while it is still hot.

  • Filling A Large Bucket With Some Dish Soap, Hot Water, & Baking Soda:

Take a bucket large enough for fitting the grill grates. Then, simply pour in hot water until your bucket is almost filled. Then add in 1?4 cup of baking soda and one cup of dish soap. Baking soda is gentle abrasive, so it’ll do an excellent job to get that rust off the grill. Now mix it all together until it turns into a paste. You can also utilize vinegar with some dish soap in the same method.

  • Removing And Soaking Your Grill Grates In That Bucket For About An Hour:

If the grill grates are detachable, take them off of your grill and put them in the bucket. Let that immerse in the mixture you have made earlier for at least an hour. It’ll let the soap and baking soda penetrate and loosen all the rust. If the grill grates are very large for submerging in your bucket, then simply scrub the mixture on the grates of your grill using a brush. However, remember that it might be less effective than allowing your grill grates to soak, particularly if there’s a significant amount of corrosion of the grates of your grill. If you still have not got a grill for your personal use then you should because having a grill adds value to your life. You can grill chicken, steak, vegetables, etc. It helps you to stay fit. There are plenty of options are available when it comes to grills so choosing one is difficult but with the help of you can quickly choose the grill which fits according to your needs. There are reviews of every type of grill are available.

  • Rubbing Your Grates Again Using A Grill Brush And Rinse With Same Cool Water:

After the grates of the grill have soaked for about 1 hour, then scrub off all the rust using your grill brush. Since you allow the rust to sit in the mixture, it ought to come off simply. When you are done, rinse off your grill grates with some cool water to clean off all the soap from the grates of your grill.

  • Dry The Grill Grates Thoroughly:

For preventing the rust from coming back, make certain to dry the grill. Get the clean towel or cloth and wipe the grates of the grill until it’s completely dried. Place your grill grates back on your grill when they are dry.

Making A Vinegar Bath For Removing The Rust From The Grates Of The Grill:

  • Mix Two Cups Of White Vinegar And One Cup Of Salt In A Bowl:

Vinegar is an extensively utilized substance for removing rust. Its natural properties react with the corrosion and soften it from metal, while the salt is utilized for improving the clean action of the vinegar. Make use of the measuring cup for accurately measuring out the vinegar and salt portions, and then pour that in your medium-sized bowl. Lastly, stir this mixture using a spoon until the salt dissolves completely.

  • Placing The Grates Inside Of The Trash Bag And Pour The Mixture In:

Lay the garbage bag on the large table or any other flat surface. Put the grates inside that bag, so they’re laying down flat. Pour the mixture you have made earlier over your grill, making certain to cover all the parts that are the most corroded. Make certain the bag is hardwearing, so you do not risk making holes in it with your grate.

  • Tying The Trash Bag And Allow Your Grates To Soak Overnight:

Seal your trash bag at the top for locking all the moisture in once you’ve completed pouring all of the mixture over your grates. Allow your grill to soak overnight, particularly if the rust is harsh. Make certain your trash bag is tightly closed and placed completely flat so that the mixture does not spill out. If the trash bag does not have a drawstring closure, you can always close it by simply securing it using some rubber band or tying it in a knot.

  • Removing The Grates And Scrubbing Off The Rust Using A Rag:

When the rusted grates are done soaking, take them out from the garbage bag. Wipe the surface using a cloth, and you ought to see the rust rapidly disappearing. If there’s still some mulish rust that stays on, simply scrub it using your grill brush, and it ought to come right off. When you are done, rinse the grates with some cool water, dry them off, and you are all set to begin grilling once again. If you do not have any grill brush, you can also make use of the aluminum foil as it is also effective. Simply roll the aluminum foil up in a ball and scrub the corrosion stains just as you’d do with the grill brush.

Make Use Of Some Other Methods For Removing Rust From Your Grill Grate: 

  • Removing Rust From The Cast Iron Grill Using A Wire Brush:

For making use of this technique, grab some olive oil and add one cup in the bowl. Then, dip your basting brush in the oil, and brush it on your grill grate where you see corrosion. Make use of the flat wire brush for scrubbing the corrosion off. You’ll have to scrub extremely hard, particularly if there’s a significant amount of corrosion on your grill grate. The olive oil is utilized for protecting your grill grate from any damage that might be reasoned by the wire scraper, so don’t miss that step.

  • Mixing Some Detergent And Lemon Juice For Removing Corrosion From The Grill Grate:

Lemon is a very well-liked household cleaning ingredient that can be helpful when removing corrosion. Squeeze some lemon juice in your bowl and add some drops of a mild detergent. Mix it well using a spoon until it turns into a thick paste. Use this mixture to any corroded areas using a brush. Then cover your grill grate using plastic wrap, so the mixture does not evaporate. Allow the mixture to sit for about twenty-four hours, then clean and scrub off the residual corrosion using a grill brush. Make certain to clean the lemon mixture and completely dry off your grill grate when you are done. 

  • Using A Commercial Corrosion Remover To Clean The Grates Of The Grill:

If the natural technique doesn’t work to clean off all of the corrosion, you might require a more hardwearing solution. You can locate a commercial corrosion remover online or at the majority of home improvement shops. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to clean the corrosion from your grill grate. A few of such products have toxic chemicals. Make certain the corrosion remover you pick is safe to utilize on a corroded grill.

Prevent Corrosion Buildup On Your Grill Grate:

  • Evade Excess Liquids When Cooking On Your Grill Grate:

If you are making use of the special sauces or marinades while cooking on the grill, evade pouring them directly on the burners of your grill. Instead, append the sauces to your food before putting it on your grill. The excess sauce can reason clogging and rusting.

  • Regularly Clean The Grill Grate:

It is very important to clean the grill grate before and after every use. For cleaning, utilize a grill brush for scraping off the leftover food that is stuck on the grates. If you clean using water and soap, make certain to dry it off when you are done completely. If you are utilizing a charcoal grill, clean it while it is still hot and throw the remaining coals and ashes.

  • Oil The Grill Grate For Preventing Your Food From Sticking:

Oiling the grill grate is a significant step in the grilling procedure. Each time you clean the grill, you will desire to coat it with some oil. Dip paper towels in vegetable or canola oil and rub that on your grill corroded grates. It not just can prevent your food from sticking, but it can also repel any moisture. Don’t utilize an aerosol can for spraying the vegetable oil on your grill. They are recognized for exploding flames.

  • Make Certain Your Grill Lid Is Really Tight And Cover That When You’re Not Using It: 

For avoiding moisture getting into the grill when it is not in use, make certain that you close and cover it using a vinyl or nylon cover. It ought to be a tight seal, particularly when it is raining outside. Dampness is the main cause why corrosion forms in the first place.

  • Move The Grill Indoors For Keep It Out Of Different Elements:

If possible, move your portable grill indoors to a shed or garage. It’s particularly significant if you live in a wet or cool climate. Snow and rain can corrode the grill and decrease its lifespan. If you live close to the sea, the salty air might corrode the grill. Make certain to clean and cover the grill regularly if you live in such areas. 

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Can I Get Sick From A Dirty The Grates Of The Grill?

Corrosion on grates is an indication that it is not cleaned well and needs cleaning. Specialists found that dirty grates have microorganisms that can make you feel sick.

Q: Should You Oil The Grates?

Definitely, more so if you are utilizing the cast iron grates. It’ll keep the corrosion away while making it simple to cook food. The oil will stop the food from sticking into your grates which makes it simpler to clean.

Q: How Do You Maintain The Cast Iron Grates?

Keeping it well-oiled, cleaned, and seasoned is the key to prevent corrosion from damaging the cast iron grates. Also, you need to store it well to keep away from dampness and other elements that might cause corrosion.

Q: Is It Safe To Cook On The Corroded Grill Grate?

Loose corrosion on the grates of the grill will stick to your food, which you’ll ingest directly. As much as consumption of the little amounts of corrosion is not deadly, it can reason intestinal issues if eaten continuously.

Q: Is It A Requirement To Season The Grates First?

If you desire to retain the quality of the grates of the grill, seasoning it first is wise. Sure, you can leave this part out but doing so denotes the grates are more exposed to extreme wear and tear. Also, corrosion is more common in un-seasoned grates.

Q: Why Do Grates Get Corroded?

Continuous exposure to heat can direct to corrosion. Also, the damp in the environment can form iron oxide, the chemical name of corrosion. If you want to prevent corrosion from forming on the grates of your grill, then you should clean the grates after every use. Cleaning regularly does help. 


Keeping the grates of your grill clean is very important in preparing fresh food. Nobody desires to eat something prepared on an unclean and corroded grill. Even if the grates of the grill have the toughest corrosion stains, there’re easy DIY steps you can utilize to fix the hot issue. Hopefully, you have already learned these methods in this how-to clean rusty grill grates guide. Good luck! 

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