High-Tech Kitchen Appliances That You Need

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Smart appliances will never fail to give your kitchen that futuristic look and functionality. Many of these are paired with an app so you can control and monitor how they’re operating. If you are someone who is reluctant about trying your meager cooking feat in the kitchen, these high-tech appliances will surely be of help. You’ll be delighted to know just how much time is saved from using these high tech kitchen appliances. They can be your daily aid and companion that makes your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and less tiring. Check out some of the best high-tech kitchen appliances:

Smart Pot

This smart pot lets you take control of what you cook right at your fingertips. It is so smart it can replace about eight appliances in your kitchen. When you have an Instant Pot Smart Wifi, you will no longer need to buy other kitchen appliances such as the steamer, slow cooker, porridge cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker and cake maker. You also don’t need to buy a separate pan for searing and saute cooking tasks. Its wi-fi feature also allows you to connect the pot to your other wi-fi enabled devices. 

Smart Coffee Maker

A smart coffee maker is perfect for people who are always on the go. You can now start with a less stressful morning since you can schedule in advance the brew time for your coffee, using your smartphone. Set up your coffee brewing time before going to bed, so you will find it ready for you as soon as you wake up in the morning.  A smart coffee maker can also be adjusted according to how long you want your grounds to be pre-saturated. Each household member can also set their own coffee profiles which helps ensure they will get the kind of coffee exactly the way they want it brewed. 

Kitchen Thermometer

A kitchen thermometer would be of great help in determining the accurate temperature of your turkey. Having this in your kitchen will spare you from the hassle of hovering outside your oven window for the entire morning or until you’re certain that the turkey is completely cooked. When you have this kitchen thermometer, an alert will be sent to your phone as soon as the turkey is done. Some kitchen thermometer also comes with an LED-screened device that can be mounted on top of the oven or on your kitchen countertop so you can easily see the temperature when you pass by. 

Intelligent Frying Pan

This is the type of pan that is equipped with a Bluetooth temperature-controlled sensor which is connected to an app. Instructions are given in real-time as it sends notifications when you need to adjust the heat, when to flip the food and when it is completely cooked. This intelligent pan can also be set on autopilot. You just need to enter the important data and the pan will also automatically control its temperature. 

Smart Kitchen Scale

Baking conversions and measurements would take the expertise of a professional chef for it to be perfect. But, with a smart kitchen scale, you will no longer need to wish you’re a professional chef. This smart scale can be connected to an app so you can just choose what recipes to cook using your phone. Then, enter your desired number of servings and input your available ingredients. You can now start pouring your ingredients to the smart kitchen scale which has an onscreen virtual bowl that allows you to see exactly when you have to stop pouring. The result would be perfectly cooked, delicious-tasting recipes. 

Smart Kettle

The smart kettle allows you to adjust its temperature so you can choose how warm or hot your water would be. The good thing about it is that unlike the traditional kettles that only allow up to 3 presets that are degrees apart, this smart kettle lets you change the temperature in just two-degree increments. It also supports Amazon Alexa and has 1.8 liters capacity. Use the app on your smartphone to set the temperature for your smart kettle. 

Smart Countertop Grill

This type of indoor grilling machine lets you come up with that golden rib eye, with its innermost parts cooked at a perfect medium-rare. This greatly spares you from the hassles of using a vacuum sealer and water baths.. This grilling machine would be perfect for paninis and for just about any meat with each side perfectly cooked without much effort on your part. With this smart griller, you can cook your food or sear it up without the need to look for a second pan or a separate grilling machine. You can use its Cinder dial to set it at your preferred temperature. You may also do the same using your smartphone app.

Smart Dishwashers

With wireless connectivity, these smart dishwashers are able to wash your cutlery, pots, cups, and dishes without the need for you to go to the kitchen over and over again to see if it’s done. Through smartphone apps, this smart dishwasher will notify you once it’s done washing and drying the load. It will also send alerts if something goes wrong with it and send you alerts if there are leaks. There are also smart dishwashers that operate on voice commands. Others allow you to monitor it through your smartphone. 

Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators will have user-controlled options for cooling, coupled with internal cameras. Its features can also be controlled through an app that can be downloaded from your smartphone or tablet. A smart refrigerator is also capable of creating grocery lists that can be sync to your smartphone app so you can be notified in real-time when it starts to run out of supplies. It also has a feature that records expiration dates and then sends you alerts to remind you to consume the food while it is still in its fresh state. Others come with transparent touch screens so you can see what’s inside without the need to open the refrigerator door. 

Do you want to be able to cook your perfect meal? Do you want to have more time to do other things you love? Better to have one or more of these high-tech appliances and every cent spent will all be worth it. 

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