Hot Fashion Looks and Packing for Summer Travel

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It’s springtime right now, but summer is going to heat up the scene soon. For many of you, that means taking a summer vacation which begs the daunting question, “What am I gonna pack!?”  The most obvious answer to this question is based on your summer travel destination.

Packing for a vacation in Alaska where the highs in the summer are in the balmy 60s is going to look a lot different than kicking it in Corpus Christi, TX where the temps can easily hit the 100s.  It’s a no-brainer, but consider where and how you’re traveling as your guide to what kind of hot fashion looks you want to pack for summer travel. Whether you’re taking a road trip out west or flying to Madrid, here are a few sweet style ideas for summer that are trendy and easy to pack.

Camping: When it comes to packing for summer camping trips, comfort is key. But comfort doesn’t equate to sweatpants (unless that’s your thing…then go for it!). Thankfully, camping lends itself to layers that can be a super chic look even in the most rustic environments. Before you hit the road to your travel camping destination, think about packing lightweight tank tops and tees for your inner layer (preferable moisture-wicking). Then pack a light-weight long-sleeved button shirt for those unexpected breezes. Make this look rock by opting for a solid-colored inner layer, and go with plaid, denim, or gingham check (think lumberjack prints) for the outer layer. Tying the long-sleeved shirt around your waist is a practical tactic but also a trendy look when you need to shed that outer layer in the hot sun. Lastly, be sure to pack a sleek slicker in case of rain and/or a utility jacket for cooler evenings. Above all, pack plenty of socks and a decent pair of hiking shoes (or boots) that are fit for camping adventures.

Beach: Light and breezy is the theme for any summer travel style on the beach. Think about using your bathing suit as the fundamental base of your whole outfit while on the beach. To illustrate, take your favorite bathing suit and pack a sarong to wrap around your waist for a modest yet stylish look. Also think about packing one-piece, lightweight jumpsuits, or flowing breathable sundresses that you can easily don over your bathing suit for a quick summer look. For footwear, flip flops are the way to go because they mimic the beach feel and they won’t take much room in your luggage.

City: If your travel plans include a metropolis, your options are varied and almost endless. Let’s say you’re packing for a summer trip to NYC, you might be in for a lot of walking around the city, so pack stylish but comfortable sneakers or comfy flats. Also, take along a backpack and have a handy sweater with a hip print that you can easily tie around your neck while you’re touring the Big Apple. Make your luggage lighter and packing easier by sticking with a few simple staples. Take the classic black dress for instance. A few accessories like a bright scarf, or a glitzy belt will turn your timeless black dress from ‘ok’ to ‘hurray!’ Also think about taking a jaunty hat and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sunrays. Keep in mind, cities tend to get hotter than rural areas, so think loosely fitting, moisture-wicking clothing.

Other Summer Travel Packing Tips

Whether you’re camping in the mountains or traveling to Vegas for your summer vacay, staying stylish is just a matter of building upon the basics. To make your summer trip extra enjoyable it’s a good idea to consider packing essentials for your trip. One of these essentials include sunscreen. Pack at least an SPF of 30 or more during your summer travel to avoid sunburns or skin damage. Also, remember to bring your sunglasses! The right pair of sunglasses can create a winning effect on almost any outfit. The same goes with hats. A distressed ball cap or a funky floppy hat can render a fun look to any outfit and these are easy to pack too.

Wherever you are traveling this summer, we hope these basic but hot fashion ideas for summer packing inspire you to take the road less traveled and have a sizzling summer vacation. We hope your travels are filled with sunshiny delights at every turn!

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