Household Problems Due To Elevated Humidity

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Humidity is a natural weather condition that can prove to be quite uncomfortable depending on the setting. During the summer months, or in moist regions, humidity can get worse because of that mixture of warmth and water in the air. This occurs in most tropical areas, but even in the summer months of the colder places, it can be felt pretty badly at times. The one area where humidity can be a really big issue is in the household.

Your household is a place that you wish to feel your best in. It is a safe spot for you to relax and humidity proves a problem as it can disrupt your ability to feel at home. Beyond that, there are serious problems that can and will occur if humidity is not kept in check, like the ones you are about to read.


First, the issue of humidity makes it unbearable to feel comfortable in your own home. The warm, sticky air makes it feel hard to not get overwhelmed when trying to do just about anything. Leather furniture sticks to your exposed skin, your clothes feel damp, and you can soak through them with sweat. These are problems that are not simple to resolve, as opening windows to air it out, actually just makes it much worse. The other problem is using up too much electricity to cool your home down, or having to buy fans and dehumidifiers, which can be expensive.

Mold Growth

Mold and mold spores require moisture to be able to grow and spread, and humid climates are the perfect breeding ground for them to do that. Humidity causes a massive increase in the potential for mold growth throughout the home, which is not good for you or your family. If you visit this website, you can see how the experts recommend dealing with mold growth, and how to properly remove it. In many cases, it can be done with some thorough cleaning, like in bathrooms, but for serious cases like humidity, it is a good idea to have someone inspect the home. 

Health Problems

Continuing from the issue of mold, mold growth can pose many health problems for your family. Breathing problems are a common issue as the spores can end up in the respiratory system and cause infection – or even death. Humidity is also bad for people with preexisting health conditions like asthma or other breathing problems because the moisture makes breathing harder to do. One of the solutions mentioned earlier was a dehumidifier which is important. Although it can be pricey depending on the model, your health should be a priority, and some places it is going to be impossible to avoid humidity.

Smaller, less serious issues that arise from humidity in the household can be dehydration from high temperatures, excessive sweating, and damaged hair. These problems are not nearly as serious as breathing problems, but they are general nuisances that make life in your home feel hard to handle. Ways to help combat, these are to remember to ventilate your cooking as more heat will just add to the humidity, and be conscious of how hot or long your showers are. Most homes come equipped with a fan in the bathroom or above the stove anyways, so it is quick to mitigate the increase of heat in the home.

Damages To The House

It might seem like the humidity is only harmful to us humans, but it is also damaging to the home itself. The increase in moisture can create mold growth, which sticks to surfaces all over, but it can also ruin paint and make walls flimsy. Some drywall has already been fairly weak material, and this thin or brittle material will inevitably become damaged by long term exposure to moisture. Rusting pipes, issues to grouting in tiling, and sweating walls are also abundant in places that experience significant humidity. It is also hard to maintain good window sealing when moisture is constantly affecting it as well, which just lets in more moisture to cause problems.

While humidity might be considered a daily nuisance for some people during the summer, others who live in hot climates year-round know how bad it can be. The problems it can cause in the house, or to the house, are much more severe than you might initially think. From health problems to damages to harmful mold growth, it is important to know how taking steps to prevent or stop humidity in your home can prove to be beneficial to the long term.

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