How Can a Lawyer Prove There Was a Brain Injury Due to Negligence?

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Over 1.5 million Americans survive a traumatic brain injury annually according to reports. That equates to over 4,000 per day in the United States and a traumatic brain injury can be debilitating. Survivors often need help with their daily activities and expensive medical care.

If a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, a brain injury lawyer can help you hold that person financially liable for the extensive associated costs. A traumatic brain injury can be extensive and costly, leaving many wondering where to find the financial resources they need.

Here’s how a brain injury lawyer can help you prove a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence.

They’ll Prove Causation Due to Breach of Duty

First, they’ll help prove causation due to negligence. This means that your loved one was in good health before the accident. The defendant’s negligence was a direct cause of the traumatic brain injury your loved one now has to endure for the rest of their natural life.

Proving causation establishes a direct cause between your loved one’s brain injury and the negligence of another person. A brain injury lawyer can help you recover the financial resources you need for the proper medical care and support of your loved one.

Your Lawyer Will Gather Supporting Evidence

A brain injury lawyer will immediately start to gather supporting evidence for your causation claim. That supporting evidence may come in the form of medical records, police reports, pictures, and even eyewitness accounts. A brain injury lawyer has immediate access to information that would be difficult for you to gather, and they will find exactly what they need to support your causation claim.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

When bringing a claim for traumatic brain injury against another party you’ll inevitably be contacted by their insurance company. The person they send may seem compassionate and relatable, but they are not on your side. Their job is to minimize the size of your claim.

An aggressive brain injury lawyer will fight to negotiate a fair settlement close to the full value of your claim. You don’t want to settle for too little which may still leave you struggling financially to secure adequate medical care and pay for the daily needs of your loved one.

Handle Administrative and Documentary Issues

A traumatic brain injury due to negligence is a complex case involving comprehensive documentary needs. Near constant administrative work is necessary in these cases whether it be submitting paperwork to the court, gathering medical reports, or finding supporting documentation for your claim.

A brain injury attorney will have a skilled team who can help handle the complexities of the administrative and documentary needs for your case. You have enough to worry about, so the right brain injury attorney will have a team fighting for you.

Call a Brain Injury Attorney Today

If your loved one suffered a Traumatic brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, an experienced and compassionate brain injury attorney can help hold someone responsible and get you the financial resources necessary to care for your loved one. Call a reputable brain injury attorney today. They will gather supporting evidence to prove causation, handle the complex administrative requirements, and negotiate a fair settlement close to the full value of your case.

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