How Can I Save Money On My Medication?

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Medications are certainly not cheap in the United States. A big part of this is simply because these medications have to be imported, and that will drive up the price of anything you can name. This actually causes medications to be more expensive than in other places, anywhere in North and South America.

There are a host of other factors that cause them to increase further in price in the United States, but those aren’t really important. The end result is that yes, you’re paying a lot for medications. Even if you have good health insurance, and a solid co-pay program, unless it’s vitally important medication, the co-pay is going to lean heavily on your pocketbook.

What are some ways that you can save money on medications, when really, pharmacies have the market cornered? Well, taking the market away from pharmacy exclusivity would not end well, and in fact would probably cost quite a few lives. That would essentially be a sanction form of street drug trafficking, and nobody wants that. Pharmacies are a good thing, and it’s not their fault that their product is unavoidably costly.

Really, the best way to get around this is to shop for generic medications, and to buy them from Canada. Due to a host of factors, medications tend to be less expensive in Canada. Thus, if you do something like visit PricePro Pharmacy, you found a portal to considerably less expensive medications.

A Case for Generic Medications

Generic medications are every bit as effective as the brand-name alternatives. Literally, they’re the same exact medication, the sole difference being a change in name, and maybe a slight cosmetic difference in the medication itself when it comes to pills or tablets. This change in appearance is exclusively as a quick visual shorthand for distinguishing it from the brand-name alternative, and has no bearing on how effective it will be.

You may notice with medications, that underneath the branded name on a box, or in a commercial, is a longer, somewhat more complex name. If not longer more complex, it often just sounds yet more alien. This is the generic name for said medication, and with very few exceptions, you can get a cheaper alternative under this name.

Is importing Canadian pharmaceuticals legal?

Yes, if you visit PricePro Pharmacy and decide to purchase medications from the nation of Canada, it is absolutely legal. As long as this medication is approved by the FDA, and isn’t some sort of high-schedule controlled substance (and even in the case of the latter, exceptions are made), it is absolutely legal to import it. In fact, you can import it from just about any country that has a trade agreement with the United States, though Canada is obviously the most logical and efficient choice to do so.

You will pay a slightly marked a price, as there are understandably customs and tariff fees applied to bringing any kind of product across the border. It will still be cheaper, most of the time, then what you get from your local pharmacy, be it over-the-counter or off-the-shelf.

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