How Can You Solve Your Luggage Problems?

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I am sure that when you are travelling to somewhere exciting, you can hardly wait to start packing. Although travelling is a favourite hobby of many people, there are a few ups and downs which you may come across somewhere in your journey. One of those can be issues with your luggage. Issues with your luggage can start right from your home when you are packing your bag and can cause a significant issue for you. Many people commonly face problems at the airport when their bags are overweight and have to remove some of their items right there, or they are carrying some illegal item which they were not aware of. Other people face other issues where they are relocating from one place to another but do not know how to take all of their stuff with them. They often hire trailers to take their stuff which costs them extra money. There are several other ways you can solve your luggage problems, like at Baggage storage facilities Newark airport.

1.     Spilt Liquid:

One common issue that you can face after arriving at your location is that when you opened your bags, some of the liquid that you were carrying got spilt on your clothes. Although they may irritate you a lot, it is an issue which can be prevented easily. For starters, whenever you are travelling, you should pack all of your liquids in plastic so that your stuff is safe and prevent them from getting stained. Another thing that you can do is to carry a stain remover with you. It will help you to remove the stains or at least limit the damage which has occurred to your clothes. You can put your liquids in a separate bag and make sure that the caps are tight before you pack them.

2.     Confiscated Luggage:

Another common issue faced by people is that their luggage is confiscated by airport security. Instead of letting your emotions take control of you, and you escalate the situation, it would be wise to remain calm and use your head. If they confiscate something which is not any value, for example like toothpaste, then you do not need to argue with the security and simply go ahead with your luggage since you can easily purchase a toothpaste somewhere else. However, if they confiscate an item that is valuable, such as some kind of jewellery or any other thing, you should politely ask them if you can take them away from the checkpoint. You can give it to your friend or family member who can keep it with them safely until you return from your trip.

3.     Misplaced Luggage:

Another unfortunate scenario which many people face during travelling is getting their luggage lost. In many cases, people usually lose their luggage in the checking process and end up either losing their stuff or finding it several weeks later. You should always clearly label your bags so that there is no issue of someone else taking it. Another thing to do is to attach something like a keychain or a ribbon which would help you to recognize your bag immediately. If your luggage is lost, at the conveyer belt, the airline should compensate you for it and may provide you with the necessities which you would require for your travel. Take a photo of your luggage since it would help to speed up the process if it is lost. In any case, it is important to keep some of your important stuff in a handbag which would be useful for you in case of an emergency. 

4.     Your luggage is heavy when you are coming back:

This is a relatively straight forward problem which can be easily solved. Although you may have gone with a light suitcase, it may have gotten heavier due to the extra stuff that you would have bought while you were on vacation. You can easily solve this issue by keeping the heavy items such as souvenirs or heavy coats in an extra bag or consider wearing those coats while you are coming back. A heavy bag may cost you an extra fee if it is weighing above the recommended weight, which can be inconvenient for you to pay at the moment. Although you can split your luggage into extra bags, you have to be extra cautious not to lose sight of them.

5.     Luggage is yet to arrive at the destination:

In some cases, it happens that you have conveniently reached your destination only to found out that your luggage has not arrived yet. The situation can be overwhelming if you are facing it for the first time, but there is no need to panic, and one should be sensible about it. You should immediately notify your airline about the incident since they are responsible for the safe transfer of your luggage. In the situation that you have reached the hotel but your luggage has not, you can call the car rental company to enquire about the issue. You can always call the police and ask for their cooperation to solve the issue.  


Although travelling is a fun experience which everyone should go through at least once, there are some issues which you can face, and some of them can be highly inconvenient for you. One of them is related to luggage as your luggage may either get lost at the airport or simply does not arrive on time. To solve such issues, it may take the airline company several weeks to locate your items, and even then there is no guarantee that you would get every item which was in the bag. Although every problem cannot be solved, you can avoid many issues if you take normal precautions such as clearly labelling your bag or keeping your liquid items away from the rest of your stuff. However, it would be wise to take a travel insurance policy which can be highly beneficial if you are carrying some expensive items which you cannot lose due to security purposes.  

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