How Can You Tell If It’s Time to Change Your Bed?

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Our bed is where we spend several hours to recharge our bodies after a very long day of hectic activities at work or school. It is but fitting to own a bed that will provide us with the comfort, relaxation and support that we require in order to wake up in the morning refreshed and well rested. Stanley furniture beds can last a long time if we take good care of them. But time will come when we have to change our bed for a new one. How can we tell if it’s time to go shopping for a new mattress?

You wake up with aches and pains

If you don’t have any underlying condition such as a back problem, but you still wake up after a full 8 hours of sleep with aches and pains, then it is time to consider changing your bed. The foam can change its quality over the years, and if it no longer gives you the support that your body needs, then it means that it is no longer serviceable. 

It is more than eight years old

By the eighth year of sleeping on your bed, you should be experiencing some issues already, such as a creaky frame. Eight years is a good measurement of how long a mattress should be in service. 

Other beds in the house feel more comfortable to sleep in

If you find yourself sleeping in the guestroom more often that you are sleeping in your own bed, then it is high time to replace your old bed. If you feel more rested after a night in another bed, it indicates that your own bed no longer delivers what it promised when you first bought it. 

The springs squeak

Do you feel annoyed whenever you move, and your bed springs start squeaking? They will interrupt your sleep, and you will wake up tired because of the noise that the springs are making. Squeaky springs may indicate that they are loose and will soon break if not replaced. 

The springs poke out of the mattress

When this happens, don’t think twice; head to the store to buy a new bed. If the springs poke out of the mattress, it may cause injury, more so if the springs are rusty. Poking springs mean that the bed frame no longer supports them, and it will do you good if you replace your bed. Broken springs will still cause you problems later on.

Once you have your new bed, take good care of it by keeping it clean at all times, changing the sheets regularly and not subjecting it to harsh conditions that can affect how it provides you comfort and support. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money for a proper bed. There are inexpensive ones that you can also consider that will also fit your needs.

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