How Children Can Benefit By Listening to Bedtime Stories

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Every parent is keen to ensure their children’s well-being and health by taking proper care during their growing ages so that they become good human beings.  While it might be easy to take care of the physical health of children by providing the right nutrition and a healthy environment for growth, it is equally important to help them with cognitive development that creates a healthy mind which is essential to growing up as good humans. Parents must not only discharge their duties in looking after children but also create close bonding by becoming their friend, philosopher, and guide. Reading bedtime stories to children is an excellent way to bond with them and even kindle the fire of learning that boosts their cognitive abilities.

By reading the best bedtime stories for kids, parents help them to expand their abilities of imagination that gradually fuels their creative instincts. Reading stories to newborn babies help them to familiarize with rhythm and sounds even though they would not understand anything else. When parents spend quality time with their children, the interaction adds a lot of warmth and coziness to the relationship that they can cherish throughout their lives. Deepening the family bonds is one of the most significant benefits of reading bedtime stories to children, and as you go through this article, you will discover a lot more benefits that children can derive from the story reading sessions.

Mind relaxation

On hearing bedtime stories children start living in a world where they feel most happy to belong. The stories transport them into a world where they are able to identify themselves with the surroundings and characters even though it is all fantasy. It relaxes the mind, and as they wander into the fantasy world, they derive lots of pleasure that set the mood for a comfortable sleep as they unwind by escaping into a dream world.

Boosting brain development

The interaction between parents and children during story reading sessions allow kids to learn much more and quickly than they could have learned by other means.  Moreover, the learning begins when they are infants. Studies have shown that listening to stories lower stress level in children and improves logic skills that help to analyze things as they grow up.  The biggest benefit is perhaps that children pick up new vocabularies that enrich their language skills as they get a better grasp of the language even before they learn to read and write.

Creative thinking

By listening to bedtime stories, children learn to think creatively as they come across many interesting twists in the stories that become new learning for them. The style of reading not only creates a close attachment with the story, but it can also inspire them to think about the way the story would progress. For example, you can stop before reading out the concluding part and ask your child to suggest an end to the story.  

Children learn to be more patient as they listen to stories, and it helps to increase their span of attention, which becomes an invaluable trait for the future.

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