How Do I Choose a Good Espresso Machine?

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Lately, many espresso machines have been presented to the world public. Some of them are affordable and can make it for the list of the best coffee maker under 500 which is a normal price for most of the coffee lovers. But instead of arguing about what makes for the best features you can find in an espresso machine let’s take a closer look at the great characteristics that such a device may offer to the users.

What can an espresso machine offer to you?

The modern espresso machine is a uniquely designed piece of equipment used to prepare all the popular beverages like lattes and cappuccinos. All these are based in a particular mixture of espresso coffee with milk and sugar in exact proportions in order to deliver the tasty and aromatic flavor of the desired coffee.

The espresso machine is usually working with capsules. This has been a greater innovation of the last decade when most coffee companies were trying many options in order to keep their precious ground coffee fresh when needed to be brewed. This was a technical challenge for most coffee makers since the espresso coffee needed all the aroma to be delivered the exact time the boiling water reaches the right pressure.

That is why the espresso makers with capsules are by far the most widely sold kitchen appliance ever presented to the public. Not to mention, that the convenience in the exchange of the capsules has made it easy to prepare multiple cups of coffee at the same time.

The combined filter and espresso machines.

These coffee makers are most popular to office users or large families where people need espresso and filter coffee being prepared at the same time. They have usually separate water tanks and different boiling chambers and pressure pumps. That it why they have more energy requirements than the simple espresso machines.

The latter have greater needs in cleaning and can also have special frothing devices in order to prepare cappuccinos and lattes. The frothing machine works with the same pressure pump to the espresso machine but has a separate warming chamber since milk needs a lot less heat to retain its special characteristics.

Finally, these combined machines are usually having a special tank to fill up with ground coffee both for espresso and filter coffee brewing. This is actually better since you don’t need to take care a different type of coffee to prepare for various beverages.

Which machine is best?

This is totally different for most of you. If you are a busy businessman that wants his espresso in the morning to be prepared instantly then you need to go with the capsule espresso machine. This one will give you the necessary time to replenish the water and you can easily load it with the capsule of your choice to brew the rich in flavor and aroma espresso coffee that is there to assist you start your day. 

The capsule machines have an easier operating menu and heating up routine that the traditional ones and can prepare your breakfast coffee in a matter of seconds getting you ready for work.

On the other hand, when you are a retiree who is opting for quality rather for quantity then you certainly need to choose the traditional espresso makers that accept ground coffee. You will remember the procedure of brewing coffee again with no hurry and you will be able to enjoy all the necessary steps in order to prepare the right beverage.

Keep in mind, that filter coffee can also be an option and you can only enjoy it if you have the right espresso machine that combines the two of them.


Espresso machines are the most desired appliances of modern housing. They are apparent in each and every place giving your breaks a certain level of quality especially when you need high-quality coffee to keep on functioning during long days.

The real value of these espresso machines lies within the special needs of each person. You may need to opt out for quality and choose the traditional espresso machines that work with ground coffee rather than capsules. This is acceptable by many people who are not afraid of the complexity of the use of such devices.

The issue of the guarantee and the service intervals is also of crucial importance when purchasing a new espresso machine. You must ensure that proper service is provided under any conditions and that you have an anti-corrosion and rust guarantee for the parts of your espresso machine that come in touch with the boiling water.

Espresso has become your daily joy and you have to make sure that it will be the best quality you can ever have. The choice is yours, invest in coffee and find your lost happiness.



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