How Florists Keep Flowers Fresh

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Flower are appealing to the senses. People give out flowers during different occasions and are top choices to give as gift during occasions such as Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary or a Funeral. Although the flowers are easily perishable, when properly maintained they can last for a long period of time. Florists have discovered various ways through which flowers can be kept fresh and in good quality while still preserving the memories.

Whatever you need a flower for, whether to bid farewell to a friend or you need flowers for your wedding. We can help you take care of that.

You might be wondering how your florists manage to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful when displayed for sale, especially if it’s a flower shop calgary. Below is a list of tips provided to help you manage your flowers. We hope you find this information useful as it will help you enjoy your flowers better.

Tips for caring for flowers

Cutting the stem

The florists take adequate care to cut the stems. This is carefully done at an angle to ensure that the flowers are still able to take in adequate water. A very important thing to note is that the cutting must be done one or two inches. This should be done after couple of days to ensure that the flowers remain fresh and beautiful.

Refrigerating flowers

Most florist shops have a refrigerator. Flowers can be refrigerated to ensure that they remain fresh. The florists try to maintain a temperature of about 36-46 degrees to keep the flowers fresh. There should be a refrigerator also in the truck that is used to transport the flowers. 

Feeding flowers

Various flower food mixtures are used by florists to ensure freshness of the flower. The flower food should contain sugar, acid, and antibacterial products to properly nourish the flowers. The sugar provides the flower with nourishment while the acid helps in maintaining a balance pH level to avoid wilting and enhance water retention. Florists usually use spirit or bleach to serve as antibacterial and lemons to provide the acid. 

Avoiding direct sunlight, heat, and fruits

Another important strategy used by florists is to ensure that they do not expose the flower to direct sun rays, to avoid wilting. Heat actually makes the flowers wilt very fast. Flowers are then stored in lower temperature and away from appliances that generate heat to prevent them from wilting rapidly. Ethylene gas is also released by fruits and this affects how rapidly the flower wilts.

Maintaining cleanliness

Contact with bacteria usually affect the growth of flowers and the florist try to avoid this contact by maintaining cleanliness in the work environment. This means maintaining cleanliness of tools they use such as buckets, scissors, shears as well as their knives. Florists maintain proper cleanliness in their shops by washing their equipment using warm water and soap.   

Replacing water to keep the flowers fresh.

Ensure that you do not allow your flowers stay in the same water for a long time. Most florists empty and refill their water often to avoid the growth of bacterial.


It is important that the flowers are packed properly due to their delicate nature. The florist has an understanding of this and tries to get the best flowers for their clients. Florists usually transport their flowers using buckets which have the appropriate sizes for the flower stems. This should provide adequate support to the flowers without destroying the blooms.

Florists also make use of crates or large boxes, and they add packing material to make sure the vase is held in place during the transportation.    

Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated trucks are used by florists during the transportation of their flowers to different destinations. The vehicle should be properly insulated with polyurethane foam between its walls and then fiberglass and a finishing of polyuria spray coating. The truck should be equipped with proper racks, lighting, and customized to ensure that it meets the need of the flowers to be transported.  

It is very important that adequate care is taken to ensure that your flowers are properly maintained. TodayFlowers understands this and ensure exemplary delivery services to the clients. 

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