How GFR Calculator Can Help You Lead a Healthy Life

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As we get older, leading a healthier lifestyle becomes a higher priority for us. We all want to live longer, especially since our latter years are the ones filled with the most wisdom and a family to spend it with. However, kidney health is one thing that you can monitor and even take steps towards improving if you know how. Fresenius Kidney Care’s GFR calculator can help you lead a healthier life overall. Here are the ways it could help you monitor your kidney health and do something about it.

The Ways a Glomerular Filtration Rate Calculator Can Help Improve Your Health

The glomerular filtration rate of your kidneys refers to the health of your kidneys. It measures how many antioxidants your kidneys are removing from your bloodstream and, therefore, can tell you if your kidneys are operating at maximum function or not. You will need a blood test and then perform the calculations to determine what rate your kidneys are working at. 

Improve your Health 

Knowing your kidney filtration rate helps you improve your health in a number of ways, particularly if you make small lifestyle changes to improve your filtration rate. Slight changes like the following things can all help strengthen your kidney health and improve your life overall.

Diet Changes

When your rate is too low, you should change your diet to eat a better balance of foods. Avoid salt and highly processed foods. These dietary changes will improve your filtration rate and leave you feeling better overall. 

Vitamin D

Getting more vitamin D can help you to improve your glomerular filtration rate if your diet is already healthy. Make sure you are eating less than 2000 mg of salt per day and that you are taking a vitamin supplement to try and up your intake of nutrients.

Stress Control

You can also improve your kidney health and overall well-being by controlling the levels of oxidative stress in your life. Try meditation, taking long walks, and pursuing more calming activities than you normally would. 

Exercise and Kidney Health

Knowing your GFR can help you to recognize your need for exercise in your life. Even insignificant amounts of daily activity can improve all aspects of your well-being, including the health of your kidneys. Try taking short walks each day or increasing the amount of movement you do in your day-to-day activities. All this will help you get control over that GFR, ready for any upcoming surgeries or to help treat other metabolic health conditions.

How to Use a GFR Calculator?

The kidney care calculator offered by Fresenius is a wonderful example of how this system works. You will need to provide your details in the form before it can calculate your glomerular filtration rate. These details include your gender, your age, and the levels of serum creatinine in your bloodstream. The first details are easy, and the last is a little harder to obtain. 

Once you have all the details and enter them into the system, the calculator will tell you what your GFR is. This can help you to monitor your kidney functioning and make approvals as you need to. 

How to Find out What your Serum Creatinine Levels are?

To find out what your serum creatinine levels are, you must go to the doctor and get a blood test. The test will examine you for serum creatinine in your blood, and you can use this to ascertain your overall kidney health using the calculator. 

Improving your Kidney Health Leads to Longer Life

Improving your kidney health will improve your overall well-being. It will lead to a longer, happier life. 

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