How Long Does It Take For Sumatriptan To Work

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Migraine is a common problem nowadays and searching for its treatment can be confusing. When asking for advice, people often suggest drinking tea or coffee to stave off your headache. Others will tell you to tough it out or sleep it off. But that’s not an appropriate solution for everyone.

Sumatriptan is an effective prescription migraine medication in the UK. It is commonly prescribed as a quick headache-relieving medicine by the GPs. If you are confused about the variety of advice, simply taking a Sumatriptan tablet may solve the problem on short notice.

How long does Sumatriptan take to work

Sumatriptan is available in three different forms. This medicine is effective in relieving migraine but it depends on its form on how long it takes to work.

Sumatriptan tablets

It comes in the form of 50 mg and 100 mg tablets. These tablets take 30 minutes to 1 hour to relieve your migraine symptoms. It is important to take your dose as soon as migraine starts. If you take the tablets when your headache is too high then it may take longer to work.

Sumatriptan nasal spray

A nasal spray is much faster acting than a tablet. It may take 10-15 minutes only to work.

Sumatriptan injection

The injection is the fastest-working form of this medication. It may take 5-10 minutes only to show its effectiveness. The Injection is only recommended by your doctor in special circumstances. Do not self-inject for safety purposes, get a doctor or other healthcare professional to do it for you.

Is Sumatriptan effective?

We have to understand what migraine is first to understand the effectiveness of a migraine medication. A migraine happens when certain parts of your brain become overactive. Neurons start firing in a wave of increasing frequency.

Such an abnormal overactivity of neurons in your brain causes blood vessels to change and become swollen. This inflammation in your brain blood vessels is what makes you feel like your head is splitting open. Sumatriptan works by relieving the swelling and that’s how it solves your migraine problem.

Migraine can completely disrupt your day. You may miss an important appointment or become incapable of performing to the best of your capabilities. Sumatriptan works best in such circumstances. You will feel relief within a few minutes of taking the medicine.

Upsides of taking Sumatriptan

There are many advantages to taking Sumatriptan when you have migraine problems. The biggest upside is that this medication is extremely effective in its job. It helps relieve migraine even when the pain is too much to bear. Its effectiveness is well-established in all adults and the elderly.

Sumatriptan is also quick-acting compared to many other pain medications. Its tablet takes no more than half an hour to work. The injectable form of this medicine is the quickest, taking no more than a few minutes to show its effectiveness.

Another reason for Sumatriptan’s popularity is its availability in multiple forms, i.e. tablet, injection, and nasal spray. You can choose to take whichever form suits you best. Ask your doctor for advice if you are confused.

People taking Sumatriptan can quickly get back to their normal routine after experiencing a painful episode. Your work ethic and day-to-day activities will not be disturbed.

Can Sumatriptan cure migraine?

Sumatriptan is not a cure for migraine disorder. Migraine is generally caused by some other underlying health disorder, such as insomnia, anxiety, hormones, and alcohol consumption. These conditions vary from person to person and can be either physical or mental, depending on your situation.

You will need to get yourself thoroughly checked by your doctor to find out the underlying cause(s) behind your condition. Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step to putting a permanent stop to your migraine attacks.

Is Sumatriptan suitable for everyone?

Sumatriptan is a very effective migraine-relieving medicine for most adults. But it may not work well with everyone.

You should be very careful taking this medicine if you have a heart condition. It may increase your risk of getting a stroke, haemorrhage, or heart attack.

This medicine is not suitable for use in children and seniors without a doctor’s permission.

Sumatriptan may or may not cause problems in infants. That’s why it should only be used in pregnancy or breastfeeding when the benefits outweigh the risks.

Sumatriptan may also cause more side effects in people with liver disease, kidney disorders, diabetes, blood pressure problems, and seizures.

Tips for dosage

Migraine usually starts with some other symptoms, like increased sensitivity to light, nausea, and vomiting. Make sure to take your dosage of Sumatriptan as soon as migraine symptoms appear. Do not wait for your pain to intensify otherwise it may take longer for the medicine to work.

If your migraine symptoms do not get resolved even after 2 hours of taking Sumatriptan then you may take another dose. However, you should not take more than 200mg of this medication within a 24-hour period. Please see your doctor if your symptoms remain even after taking a double dose.

Too much medication use may also cause headaches and other health problems, including developing a dependency. If you get too many migraines in too little time then perhaps it is time you get yourself thoroughly checked out for other physical and mental health problems. Please see this complete guide on webmd about Sumatriptan uses and dosage.

Alcohol may increase your migraine problems. That’s why you should not drink alcohol after taking a dose of Sumatriptan.

Take this tablet with a glass of water and swallow it whole. Make sure to follow your prescriber’s instructions for maximum effectiveness. Do not self-prescribe or go over the prescribed dosage.


Sumatriptan is one of the most effective and widely used migraine medications in the UK. It quickly relieves your migraine symptoms and helps you carry on with your day as normally as possible. If you have migraine symptoms then do not hesitate to ask your GP for a prescription.

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