How Long is Chinese Food Good For?

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Chinese Food

Imagine this. It is the end of the week, and you want to treat yourself to some takeout. You order a ton of Chinese food and eat as much as you can, but there’s still quite a lot left in your kitchen. 

Chinese food is delicious, comforting, and immensely satisfying to eat at any time. However, after letting it sit in your fridge for a couple of days, you might be wondering whether it is still good to eat. 

In this article, we will ask and answer the question: how long is Chinese food good for? We’ll explain how long to store it, when it’s time to throw it away, and what you can do with the leftovers!

Let’s dive right in.

How Long is Chinese Food Good For?

Chinese food is good for around two to four days. If you’re refrigerating it, it will last about three to four days, but if you’re keeping it outside, you must consume your food within a few hours. 

How Long Is Chinese Food Good For In The Refrigerator?

When it comes to storing Chinese food in the refrigerator, it’s worth noting that the food will keep for around four days. This is because the temperature of your fridge prevents the food from rotting or spoiling easily while also preventing bacteria from developing on your food quickly.

Every fridge has an internal temperature of around 32

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