How Meat Delivery Became the New Normal

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Since early 2020, when the entire world was thrust into an international health crisis due to the sudden emergence of the COVID-19 virus and subsequent pandemic, people all over the world have found themselves readjusting their lives and routines to suit what quickly became a new normal. Toronto has been no different.

Government restrictions and lockdowns have discouraged Ontarians from leaving home to accomplish anything but the most basic tasks, as such trips pose a threat to shoppers who could contract the illness while making their purchase and transmit it to their immunocompromised loved ones at home. 

This causes needless anxiety among families, old and young alike. Nobody should have to risk their lives so they can make dinner. 

Luckily, there’s easy, cheap alternatives for those looking to prepare their favourite meals regardless of the lockdown. Companies like truLOCAL have pioneered inventive delivery services that ensures locally-raised, sustainable meat products can be safely and cheaply transported directly to homes, minimizing person-to-person contact and lessening the likelihood of spreading COVID-19 in the process. 

Here are three reasons why ordering from a meat delivery service is a smart idea during the pandemic: 

1. Minimize Person-to-Person Contact and Lessen the Spread of the Virus

COVID-19 is an air-born virus that can be transferred between people and on surfaces. In a traditional market: they touch the food, bring it close to the face to have a look and even smell it, which means that in a grocery store the products you’re purchasing have likely been handled by many people. 

With meat delivery Toronto service, you have access to the same fresh products while minimizing the risk of catching and/or transmitting the virus. 

2. Don’t Give in to Price Gouging: Meat Delivery is Stocked and Priced Beforehand

Unfortunately, there have been instances of food hoarding and price gouging reported across Canada over the past months. In some places, it can be hard to find your favourite meats at local shops. 

When you order your food online you know they have what you want in stock before you make the purchase. Grocery delivery companies offer a wide selection of options including MSC-certified wild-caught fish, free-run chicken and local beef, pork, buffalo and lamb. These are offered at affordable prices that are put in the system beforehand so prices don’t fluctuate the way they do at a conventional store.    

3. Save Time and Avoid Lines

Due to social distancing guidelines, only so many people are allowed in a store at once. As a result, lineups tend to circle around the block and can mean upwards of an hour waiting just to enter a store that may not even have the exact protein you want. 

Skip the lines by ordering online. This way you know exactly what you’re getting and when you will have it so that all your hard work meal-planning doesn’t go to waste.  

Even a year ago, grocery delivery was still a somewhat niche service. But ordering meat online has become an increasingly common practice, as it allows ordinary people to avoid crowded place and keep the people around them safe from the virus. 

And with convenient delivery services like truLOCAL connecting people with affordable, healthy meat, there’s no downside to doing your shopping from home. 

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