How Sellers Can Increase Sales on Products on Amazon Through Voice Search

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Millions of people buy online, and increasingly, they do it through a Marketplace. A space in which you find what you want online. Amazon started as a small online bookstore. Soon, it became a very well known ecommerce platform all over the world. Below is guide to let you know How to sell products on Amazon

Tips to increase your sales in Amazon

Positioning through SEO on Amazon

Amazon is the largest product search engine on the internet. For this reason, we must know its famous A9 algorithm and its own ranking factors. To position our product in an organic way we have to have a good product file. We have to use keywords, but also related words and long tails.

If we analyze the structure of Amazon, the first ones that appear are those that are PPC (Pay per Click) and then the Amazon products that are known as Amazon Basics appear. Finally, there is a list of products that are positioned with SEO techniques. Normally, the best seller in the category appears and then the rest of the products come. To make it clearer, we give you an example with the search for “fan”:

 So what is our goal? Appear in the first results in the organic search using keywords. We have to incorporate the keyword in the product file. An easy way to discover which the most appropriate keyword is is to use the “autosuggest” on Amazon.

It’s very simple, you just have to type in the search box and you will start to get suggestions for items that have been searched and purchased previously.

All the sections where you can incorporate keywords, related or long tails are:

Title. The most important element. You have a total of 200 characters, although you do not have to use them all. Think that the people who are going to read the title are non-robots. So keep in mind the readability and use a coherent and attractive order. The best option for the title is to first establish the brand and model and then 2 to 3 descriptive words and the most relevant characteristics.  

Attributes: After the title, our readers will go directly to the attributes. We can list up to five points that we want to highlight, each point has a maximum of 30 words, which is equivalent to 200-300 characters. It is a good place to put the weight, measurements, or any element or complement that the product carries.

Amazon Meta Keywords. The keywords goals are usually hidden for a client, but they facilitate the search of the product. In this space we can fill 5,000 characters that is equivalent to about 800 words, but remember, it does not help to repeat any keyword.

Description. In the description is the opportunity to convince the customer to buy the product, it is a brief description because you only have 2,000 characters. The key is to make a list by points so that it is easier to read for the potential client.  

  • Advantages of selling on Amazon
    selling in Amazon will open the doors to a new universe. You only need your computer and you can sell your products to people all over the world. Yes, it’s that easy! But we can find many other advantages in this Marketplace, let’s see what are:
  • Expand your customer base all people who have access to the internet can enter Amazon, so it has a large number of customers and traffic. So it’s very easy to increase your visibility.
  • Sell ??without needing to make an initial investment so why buy shelves if you have Amazon? In a very short time, you can create your brand in the Marketplace without having to have a web page, physical store or online. Reduce risks!  
  • It offers tools to organize your inventory or stock. Thanks to Amazon you can order all your products in a simple and fast way. In addition, it also provides tools to monitor your orders and sales.
  • You have the Amazon Logistics service. It allows offering a good service to your clients both nationally and internationally. An opportunity to enter new markets!

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